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Locations Mira | translated by: Kajlin | 28.02.2012



North Los Santos

    Rockford Hills (Beverly Hills)
    Vinewood (Hollywood)
    Richman (Bel Air)
    West Vinewood (West Hollywood)
    Vinewood Hills (Hollywood Hills)
    Downtown Vinewood


South Los Santos

    Strawberry (Compton)
    Davis (Watts)
    Rancho (Florence)
    Chamberlain Hills (Baldwin Village)

    La Puerta

    South Los Santos (South Central)
    Los Santos International Airport (Los Angeles International Airport)
    Port of South Los Santos


East Los Santos

    East Vinewood (East Hollywood)
    Mirror Park
    East Los Santos
    La Mesa
    El Burro Heights
    Murietta Heights
    Elysian Island
    Cypress Flats
    Murietta Oil Fields 


West Los Santos

    Little Seoul (Koreatown)
    Morningwood (Westwood)
    Vespucci Beach

    Del Perro (Santa Monica)
    Pacific Bluffs (Pacific Palisades/Malibu Bluffs Park)
    Backlot City (Culver City)


Freeways and Streets

    La Puerta Freeway (Harbor Freeway)
    Elysian Fields Freeway
    Los Santos Freeway
    Del Perro Freeway (Santa Monica Freeway)
    Olympic Freeway
    Palomino Freeway
    Senora Freeway
    Great Ocean Highway (East Pacific Coast Highway)
    Los Santos Freeway
    Mountain View Drive
    Jamestown Ave
    Dutch London St
    Portola Drive (Rodeo Drive)
    Bay City Ave
    W. Elipse Blvd
    South Rockford Drive
    Panorama Drive
    Nikola Avenue
    Forum Drive
    Carson Avenue
    Vespucci Boulevard
    Strawberry Ave
    Jamestown St
    Vinewood Boulevard
    Grove Street 



    Tataviam Mountains
    Palomino Highlands
    Vinewood Hills (Hollywood Hills)
    Banham Canyon (Topanga Canyon)
    Tongva Hills (Agoura Hills)
    Great Chaparral 


Airport and Port

Los Santos International Airport

Port of Los Santos 


This poster is the most known hint telling us, that GTA V won´t be in Liberty City.





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Screenshot dne
Mechanic - Planter


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