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Main Characters Mira | translated by: Akai & Kajlin | 10.07.2013

Michael De Santa

Voiced by: Ned Luke
Age: about 40
Location: Rockford Hills

The man we hear in the first trailer – a former bank robber, always well-dressed. He underwent FBI’s witness protection program and now lives in Rockford Hills. He has two children, Tracy and Jimmy, with his wife, Amanda, who he hates. Tracy is a teenager and Jimmy is 20, but he does not get along with his father.

Because of his troubles with father, he visits the therapist.

Franklin Clinton

Voiced by: Shawn Fonteno  

Age: about 20
Location: South Los Santos


The youngest of the three main characters. He is fit and the most skillful of them.

He works for a company who sells cars, even to people who are not able to pay for them, and he will steal the cars back. He would like to get out of the life of crime.

He first appears at the beach where he looks for an Audi R8 that he is supposed to steal.

He has a dog named Chop.


Trevor Philips

Voiced by: Steven Ogg
Age: about 40
Location: Blaine Country

Special skill: double damage of enemies, half health decrease, special close attack


Trevor is former pilot and now lives in a trailer in the desert. He is a madman, deals drugs, and does whatever he wants. He and Michael used to be successful bank robbers. His neighbor, Ron, is a madman as well and is very paranoid.

The first time we meet him is while he has been in a caravan with ... well this is a secret :)


Side Characters


Lamar Davis

Voiced by: Slink Johnson
Age: about 20

Friend of Franklin, drug dealer, a Grove street gang member. We are going to do many missions with Lamar, he works with you in the same car shop and steal cars with you. At the beginning he was a big friend with Franklin, he even give him a Chop, but their friendship is going to change after some time.


Amanda De Santa

Voiced by: Vicki Van Tassel

Age: about 40
Location: Rockford Hills

Michael’s “beloved” wife, Tracy’s and Jimmy’s mother. She loves spending money on nonsense. After they become rich their marriage changed. As Michael spends time out of the house, she found a lover. We will see him first time when we are strealing the Jimmy car as Franklin.


Tracy De Santa

Voiced by: Michal Sinnott

Age: teenager
Location: Rockford Hills

Michael and Amanda’s daughter. Jimmy’s sister. She goes to parties a lot. 


Jimmy De Santa

Voiced by: Danny Tamberelli

Age: 20
Location: Rockford Hills 

Michael and Amanda’s son. Tracy’s brother.

He would like to be a gangster, which is clear from his behaviour, clothes, and tattoos. He is a game player as we are. He enjoys money of his father at 100%. He even knows several drug dealers, which will help his father later in the story.



Voiced by: Jay Klaitz

Location: Murrieta Heights

He is an old friend of Micheal. He is genius with lots of contacts. In spite of his body handicap he is active, helps and provides plans, staff and equipment necessary for robbing actions. He is definitely highly imported person in the game. 

Lester Crest

Voiced by: Dog

Location: Strawberry


Tanisha Jackson

Voiced by: Yasha Jackson

Age: about 20
Location: South Los Santos

This woman is Franklin’s ex-girlfriend. She doesn't like his hobby of cars and others things, which he enjoys.


Dr. Isiah Friedlander

Voiced by: Bryan Scott Johnson

Age: 54

Location: Del Perro


He is a therapist of the main character - Michael. He helps and advices him when he has hard times, with troubles with family, especially with his son Jimmy.


Ron Jakowski

Voiced by: David Mogentale

Age: about 45

Location: Baline County

Very paranoid neighbor of Trevor, also a madman. He lives in a trailer in the desert. He believes to all conspiratorial theories. He learned Trevor how to use sniper gun and hunt deers.


Non important characters

D (Ballas)

Voiced by: Jackie Long

This man appeared in the second trailer. You, Lamer and Chop will kidnap him in one mission.


Wade Hebert

Voiced by: Matthew Maher


Trevor's friend, who knows even John.

Floyd Hebert

Voiced by: Jimmy Ray Bennett



Floyd is Trevor's acquaintance.There are many discussions whether he is or isn't important character. You won't meet him in the story much often, but you will come across his planed actions and his sidekicks, who he sent to you.

Clayton "Clay" Simons

Voiced by: Keith Smith


Clay is a The Lost MC member. When his gang is moved to the Blaine County we become Trevor's friend, but he will regret it soon.


Tao Cheng
Voiced by: Richard Hsu

He works for different companies on the most important positions.  You will get opportunity to kill him in one of Trevor missions called The Third Way.


Tao's translator
Voiced by: Phil Nee


Voiced by: Claire Burnes

She lives in the apartment with Floyd's cousin, who knows Trevor. Trevor (how surprisingly) will kill them during argue.

Harvey Molina
Voiced by: Stewart Zully

Rocco Pelosi
Voiced by: Greg Siff

Another character, who escaped from LC. He became a talented agent in Lost Santos. 

Solomon Richards

Voiced by: Joel Rooks

A film producer in Vinewood. He is another rich guy, who is able to bribe almost everyone in the town. You will get missions from this person.

Molly Schultz
Voiced by:
Elizabeth Mason

She is an assistant, who provide contact among our three main characters.


Voiced by:
Rebecca Henderson

Another character from GTA IV. She is the first girlfriend of Niko, who is the main character.

Milton McLlroy
Voiced by:
Quincy Dunn-Baker

Rickie Luckens
Voiced by: Perry Silver

Rickie will appear in the mission, where Michael gets into the Life Invader. That will be the first time when he is in the game. He is fired after the Jay Norris murder and become hacker in the Michael's gang. He helps with shutting down security systems during stealing missions.

Poppy Mitchell

Voiced by:
Rachel Gittler

She is a celebrity and actor in the Vinewood. We all know her from LC from TBOGT datadisk. She will be in two missions, where she make a move for adult. 

Beverly Felton
Voiced by:
Geoff Cantor

Paparazzi. Franklin will help him to get some hot photos of Poppy during her scandals. 


Voiced by:
Rob Yang


Voiced by:
Jodie Lynne McClintock

She will be firstly seen in the first trailer. She is a typical old lady, who is able to embarrass you or make you look small.

Cris Formage

Voiced by:
Fred Melamed

Leader of an Epsilon Program.

Johnny Klebitz
Voiced by: Scott Hill

The main character of GTA 4 - TLAD. Because of high competition in LC, he decided to move into the Blaine Country with his The Lost MC gang. Johny found a girlfriend. But Trevor started an affair with his girlfriend and killed him during an argue, which started a war with The Lost MC gang. Therefore every time when Trevor come into The Lost MC area, gang members will start to shoot at him.

Patrik "Packie" McReary
Voiced by: Ryan Johnston

You might meet this guy in the GTA IV game. Packie will appear nearby Franklin safehouse, when he's been robbing a shop. You will help him to drive him away. If you want you can hire Packie into you team.

Aunt Denise
Voiced by: Janet Hubert

Franklin's aunt. They live together.

Simeon Yetarian
Voiced by: Demosthenes Chrysan

He hires Lamar and Franklin. He will give you several missions in the game.

Tennis trainer 
Voiced by: Brad Schmidt

A lover

Ashley Butler
Voiced by: Traci Godfrey

Another known character from the GTA IV. She grow up with John Klebitz. Johny started to date with her and Trevor started an affair with her.

Jock Cranley

The character, which you will not meet in the game, but you will hear about him. He is the main candidate to San Andreas governor.





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