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Peyote plants, GOLD Peyote plant Mira | translated by: Ricky | 05.06.2015


Peyote plants can be found throughout San Andreas, but only in PS4, Xbox One and PC versions. Peyote is a real-life cactus which has psychoactive effects. In the game as well, when a character eats the plant, it will cause certain hallucinogenic effects – a character changes into an animal.
Peyote plants allow you for a certain period of time to become one of the animals which can be commonly found in San Andreas.

You can’t choose the animal you will change into. However, when you are close to the plant, you can hear the sounds which will give you a hint into which animal you will change after eating the plant.
When you get close to the plant, push the button/key and a character will eat it. Then the character faints, the screen goes black and you will find yourself in the body of an animal. Even though it is a hallucination, you can move freely (even fly in case of birds). You can also communicate with other animals.

In the body of a bird you can move anywhere you want, the handling is easy. There is even a special key for… yes, in a role of a bird gangster you can even shit on someone.

If an animal dies, the hallucination ends and you need to find another plant.




Yes, you read correctly! A dream of all explorers, easter eggs hunters and all GTA players came true!
A gold Peyote plant has been discovered, it will help you to find Bigfoot (more about Peyote plants is here).
The gold Peyote can be found here (-1472.531, 4439.456, 18.862) or look at the map.


Peyote can be found:

  • only on Tuesday between 5:30 - 8:00.
  • only during foggy weather (PC version) and during snowy weather (Next gen)
  • only when you finished the game (not necessary to achieve 100% or side stories)
  • when you collected other 27 peyote plants.

Use trainer or cheat to change the weather and time.
The gold plant was discovered by rkRusty, who went true game code and discovered the plant. Thanks!
GTA V keeps on surprising us! 



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Screenshot dne
Mechanic - Planter


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