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Preview Information Mira | translated by: Akai & Alix | 10.07.2013


  Main characters’ info is in Main characters article




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Here is some information from published previews.
  • Franklin is a skilled driver and sniper.
  • Trevor is a very good helicopter pilot.
  • Michael is talented at everything.
  • An elaborate underwater world with caves.
  • Diving equipment is confirmed.
  • As well as in Rockstar’s LA Noire, there will be dynamic music during missions.
  • In one of the missions, Radar love was on.
  • Sometimes you’ll have to have a certain amount of money to access a mission.
  • The whole map will be accessible from the beginning, except for some closed areas.
  • Storyline missions will take about 25 hours.
  • There will be different endings, which will change with your in-game choices.
  • Switching roles in missions is partly scripted.
  • There will be a radial menu for switching roles.
  • Multiplayer is confirmed. There will be a lot of things to do.
  • Game economy is still being improved, but money will be a strong motivator in the game.
  • There will be a lot of different missions, including explosions, robberies, stealth missions…
  • Trevor is inspired by the typical GTA player – just wandering around, bringing chaos and destruction.
  • Franklin will find his mentor in Michael.
  • Sub-missions like the taxi, ambulance, and vigilante are back, but changed.

Gameinformer preview - first preview

  • There will be 3 main characters – Michael, Trevor, and Franklin.
  • We’ll be able to switch among them – it will look like Google Earth.
  • Imagine: you are robbing a safe, then you switch to a different person who is guarding the entrance, and then to the third one who is shooting the police outside.
  • When you’re playing as one person, the other two will live their lives and do whatever they want.
  • Will one of them be a badass? Yeah, probably.
  • Ammu-nation is confirmed. But there will be neither barber nor gyms.
  • Completely remade physics and car attributes.
  • Cars will finally hold on to road better.
  • You won’t be able to adjust characters, just dress them up. Just as in GTA IV.
  • Niko, CJ or Tommy will not appear in GTA V.
  • Los Santos is the biggest map Rockstar Games has ever created. It will be bigger than Red Dead Redemption, San Andreas, and GTA IV combined.
  • Confirmed diving along with a fully developed underwater world.
  • You will find complete golf links in the game.
  • Also BMX bikes, mountain bikes, and a lot of different vehicles.
  • Some triathlons, yoga, water scooters and so on.
  • Dynamic pedestrian actions.
  • In the game, there will be a desert, villages, and a military base.
  • Dogs mentioned.
  • No girlfriends.
  • Flying from beginning – Trevor has a pilot’s licence.
  • Parachute jumping course confirmed.
  • Better TV programmes.
  • Lamar – Franklin’s crazy friend.
  • Ron – Trevor’s paranoid neighbour.
  • Random missions, like in RDR, will appear.
  • Mobile phone now has an internet connection.
  • A lot of missions like Three Leaf Cover.
  • Buildings now have more details. So do shops, like 24/7 shops, where you can buy a lot of goods, like cigarettes and magazines…
  • Rockstar Games took about 250,000 photos of Los Angeles when exploring locations.
  • Each protagonist has different abilities.




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Mechanic - Planter


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