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Tips and Tricks Mira | translated by: Ján Trenčanský & Alix | 01.11.2013

1. Free parachute
After completing the beginning of the game (after the Franklin and Lamar mission), it is possible to obtain a parachute. It is located on top of the tall yellow crane at the Mile High Club construction site (next to the Simeon pawn shop). Unfortunately it takes about six minutes of real time playing just to climb the crane.
(Sent by Vikom)

2. Helicopter

After completing the beginning of the game (after the Franklin and Lamar mission), it is possible to obtain a helicopter that is not in a restricted area (the airport or army base). It is located on the roof of the hospital in south LS. You can climb onto the roof using two ladders.
(Sent by Vikom)


3. Mini-mission
Blue markers are smaller missions that you have to find.

4. Orange skull icons are special rampage missions. Only Trevor can do these missions.

5. To find which storyline missions are available for your current character, search the map for larger mission icons. Icons on the map are also colour differentiated – blue for Michael, green for Franklin, and orange for Trevor.

6. When switching between the three main characters, the number under every character shows the number of missions available for them.

7. Fast money
You can steal an armoured truck and break open the back door (using a grenade launcher). Briefcases of money will fall out.

8. How to rob any shop
You can rob any shop in the game by going inside. Once the door closes behind you, start to leave but stop half way through, so your character keeps the door open, which will allow you to prepare a weapon and aim it at the shopkeeper. You can shoot at the money till and bags of money will fall out.

9. Emails
Reply to your in-game emails: It's a useful way to dive into the lives of main characters.

10. Health
If you need to heal, you can find medi-kits in your hideouts or find a shop and buy some food. (Also, vending machines are scattered around the city). You can also try to find a hooker.

11. Another tip for hiding from the police
You can hide from the police in big bushes.

12. Car fuel tank
When you shoot a rear bumper, fuel will leak out that you can later ignite.
(Sent by: ELDO)

13. Free parachute
I have a tip for a free parachute. One is on the upper cable car station on the platform between the cabins. Just take it and you can jump down the mountain.
(Sent by: Radek cz)

14. Ragdoll
When you jump and press the circle button (B button on Xbox) you'll start ragdoll mode.
(Sent by: T. Urbán)

15. Health
How to get healthy tip: just shoot somebody on the street and call 911/Paramedic. An ambulance will come and when the paramedics get out, climb inside the ambulance and you'll heal.
(Sent by: coocoon)

16. Car after accident
When you die in a car crash, you can pick your car up at the police station for $250.
(icon on map)




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