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Category List of Vehicles Veronika Kailová | 05.09.2015 10:33

Hello, today is an extraordinary day for GTA V module. We completed the database of vehicles of GTA V game, which are available in the game. This list is going to be update as soon as new DLC are published.


This list with our own made pictures toke us a lot of time. We focused on taking high quality pictures from different angles. However we didn't have capacity to add information about location, description etc. But we hope that you will join us and help us to fill in the database.


There are incredible 377 vehicle models. This is fantastic number when you realize, that GTA IV had only 123 vehicles (171 together with EFLC), San Andresa 200 vehicles, Vice City and GTA III had only 100 vehicles each.


Taking pictures was challange for us, but we managed to take picture from different angles and different vehicle versions. Therefore you can find almost every vehicle, which appears in the game. 


We did our best, however it is possible that you can find a bug or even a missing vehicle. Please, let us know to our team e-mail




Vehicles in the GTA V 

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screenshot of day

Screenshot dne
Mess - Planter


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