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GTA Online: Freemode Events Update Veronika Kailová | 15.09.2015 10:03


Freemode Events update is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One players. This brand new way of playing GTA Online without loading or waiting in a lobby offers a whole range of craziness.

    Hunt the Beast

    Become an animal! A stronger, faster and hairier version of your character has to run away from chasers from the whole Los Santos and Blaine County!

      King of the Castle

      A “king” has to take care of his territory – which means his castle – and to fight off all other players who want to conquer his “throne”.

        Hot Property
        Grab the briefcase and get away with a car, motorbike, bicycle, boat or plane or just run for the hills with this exclusive contraband. If you are one of the three players who hold it for the longest time, you will earn extra GTA$ and RP.

          Moving Target
          The first player who enters the marked vehicle becomes the moving target and his task is to get safely to the designated location. The other players will try to destroy you, which is not a difficult task.

            Checkpoint Challenge
            Race your opponents across southern San Andreas! The first player to pass through all the checkpoints will be the winner who deserves all the fame, fortune and reputation.

              Kill List and Kill List Competitive
              Get a proper weapon and command the mercenaries from Merryweather Security. You will get GTA$ and RP for each kill.

                Dead Drop
                Fight for possession of valuable contraband while delivering it to the designated location in this smuggler mission.

                  Penned In
                  When you see an enormous dome over the horizon of Los Santos or Blaine County, jump in the car and before the timer starts, join the group of players whose task is to stay inside the dome. It will become smaller in the course of time and players will try to push you out of the dome. Those who will be outside the dome for more than 7 second will explode. See if you can be the last one inside the dome.

                    Criminal Damage
                    Relax with crazy destruction! With no wanted level you can destroy whatever you want and get a bonus for each explosion, but watch out for the time limit. The player with the highest score wins.

                      Hold the Wheel
                      Sanchez, a golf cart or another humble vehicle is now indestructible and marked for others. Be the one to drive it or be a passenger and after the time is up, you win. Earn GTA$ and RP only for yourself or share it with another player.

                      Time Trial
                      Record the fastest time of all! A new track every week. A championship of the best players in which you can earn a lot of GTA$ and RP by beating the best time.

                      And that’s not all!

                      Freemode Challenges
                      Compete in 19 unique challenges against your Freemode teammates and opponents!




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