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Adding models - GGMM AnhHai & Branislav Keder | translated by: Kajlin & Paul | 13.03.2008

GGMM – the fastest and best way of adding cars. This world-recognized program for adding cars can manage more than other programs. The main reasons why it is so popular is the 3D displays of models and easy adding of carcols, carmods, handling and vehicles. I recommend everybody who wants to add models starts with this program.
-    The program can also back models up. This is useful if you are beginner, as you can be absolutely sure that you won't need to reinstall. More advanced users who work with veh_mods should better save whole Dates and Models folders. If you don't, and something unexpected happens, you will either have to ask somebody who has signed our guest book for a backup of the changed car, or reinstall GTA.

Download GGMM 2.0- 433 KB {without added services}
Download GGMM 2.1- 457 KB {with added services}

1. Where to install GGMM

Unpack the program into the folder where the game is installed. See the default in the picture.
C(D):/Program Files/Rockstar Games....

2. We will add Škoda SuperB SK Policie car (Czech pages, Czech car)
You can download the example car from here. When you unzip it, you will find these key files:

The key files in this case are the following:

3. View the file readme.txt
Take a close look at the Readme.txt file, which contains car options and is therefore essential. Sometimes the file also contains details of models, such as the number of polygons.
You can find information about the car in the file, such as its color and brakes.

4. GGMM in action

Start GGMM and then click on INSTALLER in the top corner, then select MANUAL CAR INSTALLER.

5. The car's properties will be filled in  

 A window will appear and you have to fill in the car's proprieties, model and textures.
If you remember, the car proprieties are saved in the reasme.txt file by author. See step 3 above.

The IDE LINE matches vehicles.ide in the readme.txt file. Contents: regularity of sight in the game, information on handling, carcols, carmods...
The HANDLING LINE matches handling.cfg. Contents: the car's proprieties, where the car is supposed to be upgraded, the size of wheels…
The COLOURS LINE matches carcols.dat. Contents: the car's colors, the color of the interior.
The CARMODS LINE matches carmod.dat. Contents: possible details about car tuning
At the end, insert the DFF model and texture file.
6. Let's go
Then you will see a new Škoda in the view, and we will encounter it during the game. Considering that it replaces the police car in San Fierro, this model will also be situated there.
7. Furious fight in San Fierro 

And a Škoda can look like it does in these pictures - in action and after the action :-).



screenshot of day

Screenshot dne
Car Crash - Miroslav Ševčík


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