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Ammu Nation Štefan Šmihla | translated by: Kajlin & Alix | 29.07.2007

After completing the game you can buy these in the Ammu-Nation shops:
9mm – $200
9mm with silencer – $600
Desert eagle – $1200
Micro SMG’s:
Tec-9 – $300
Micro SMG – $500
Shotgun – $600
Short shotgun – $800
Combat shotgun– $1000
Foaling Stuff:
Grenades – $300
Remote-controlled explosives – $2000
Armor – $200
SMG – $2000
A rifle – $1000
A sniper – $5000
Fighting Weapons:
AK47 – $3500
M4 – $4500

Willow field ammu-nation


This Ammu-nation is in Willowfield in Los Santos. Isn’t it kind of funny?

Range: no


Market Ammu-nation



Finally, a good Ammu-nation in Los Santos, this one will be shown for the first time in the Doberman mission. After the Doberman mission, the other weapon shops can be accessed. Range: yes


Palomino Creek Ammu-nation



This Ammu-nation is situated in the Palomino Creek village.
Range: yes


Blueberry Ammu-nation



This is another weapon shop that is in the village of Blueberry. On the roof, there are small targets that you can see your potential girlfriend, Helen, shooting at.

Range: yes 


Angel Pine Ammu-nation



This small Ammu-nation is in Angel Pine.
Range: no


Ocean Flats Ammu-nation



This shop can be found in San Fierro in Ocean Flats quarter. It’s the only weapon shop in San Fierro.
Range: yes



El Quebrados Ammu-nation



This is the smallest Ammu-nation shop, which surprisingly has its own range. It’s situated in the desert village of El Quebrados, where you had an encounter with Barbara.
Range: yes



Fort Carson Ammu-nation



This Ammu-nation is situated near the small village of Fort Carson.
Range: no


Bone County Ammu-nation



Another Ammu-nation, which is in the Bone County area, close Las Venturras.
Range: no


Come-A-Lot Ammu-nation



This weapon shop is situated south of Las Venturras in the Come-A-Lot quarter.
Range: yes


Old Venturras Strip Ammu-nation



This stop is similar to the previous one. It’s situated in Las Venturras in the Old Venturras Strip town.
Range: yes



Emnet´s Ammu-nation



This is not a “normal” weapon shop. It is Emnet’s shop, which can be accessed in the “Nines and AKs.” Mission. In this mission, shooting will be explained to you. In this shop, you can  take 9mm for free.
Range: no



Ranges are in some Ammu-nations. When you win competitions, the level of that weapon will be maximized. Each competition has four rounds:


Pistol Challenge



1st round:
In this round, you must destroy 3 targets faster than the opponents. It’s quite simple and you can do it easily.

2nd round:
Also a simple challenge, a few approaching targets must be destroyed. And again, you must be faster than your opponents.


3rd round:
This is a more challenging round but with your 9mm, it is easy. You must shoot into the collective target and whoever gets 20 points first is the winner. For every part of target, you obtain 1 point.


Micro Uzi Challenge



1st round:
This one is quite easy; you must destroy three targets before your opponents do. If you have problems with the sight and you can stop and wait until it is better.

2nd round:
This one is also one of easier ones. You must shoot at a few approaching targets. If they start up, wait until they stop.

3rd round:
This round might be a little bit harder. You must destroy one common target and get 20 points. Try to shoot at the center and if the sight starts to move, stop for a while until it stops.


Shotgun Challenge



1st round:
The difficulty of this round is a medium. You must shoot the three targets faster than your opponents. Try to always use one shot for one part of the target.

2nd round:
Destroy a few approaching targets before your opponents do. Always try to use one shot for one part of the target.

3rd round:
Probably the hardest part of whole competition, as you must get 20 points by shooting at the collective target. Try to shoot at the legs and head and then at body. 


AK47 Challenge



1st round:
A simple round, you must destroy 3 targets before your opponents.

2nd round:
You must destroy approaching targets faster than your opponents.

3rd round:
Also simple, you must get at least 20 points faster than your opponents by shooting at the collective target. 



After finishing the shooting competition, you’ll get the Hitman Level in 9mm, Micro Uzi, Shotgun and AK47 and you’ll be another piece of the game further. 




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