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Assets - Housebreaking Michal Deus | translated by: Kajlin & Alix | 05.08.2007


Aim: to steal a total value of 10 000 USD in goods

Again new, you need a special black van (Black Boxville) for it and you are limited by time, because you can “work” only from 8:00 pm to 6:00am. You steal things from the houses of different people and earn extra money by it. You must manage to do it by daybreak and in addition to this you mustn’t be seen. But be careful, not everybody sleeps. Stolen things must be taken to the garage where you’ll get money for them.

And here is a picture of the Black Boxville.
You can see its position on the map (yellow arrow) and also a garage where you take the goods (a red arrow). For a better idea – the blue circle is the racing stadium in the southeast of Los Santos.

We’ve found a next van for housebreaking! Thanks to a map that was sent by MarekX, we have found its location. It is situated in Las Venturas quarter Pilgrim just a bit from the bridge, exactly where the white arrow shows.

And finally the last van which is in San Fierro in Doherty. Its position is again a white arrow on the map.

Reward: 3000 USD and unlimited run




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