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Cleo scripts Tomáš Moravec & Veronika Kailová | translated by: Alix & Colxfile | 28.12.2007

What is Cleo?
Cleo files are scripts, which “hack” into your main.scm script file, and add other information based on files that have been created and have a .cs extension (Cleo script). The most important advantage of these scripts is, that it’s not necessary to start a new game, because a new main.scm file isn’t created: all scripts will only be implanted in it. Therefore a cleo_saves subfolder will be created in the cleo folder. In this subfolder, all positions will be saved, which are “used for” installed scripts. I’ll try to explain the basic functions of these scripts as easily as possible so as everybody can understand them, but please don’t be surprised of strange terminology that you find here.

How to install Cleo

  1. The first thing, you must do, is to find a Sanny Bulider program (download here), or a direct link for download (3.6 MB, here). 
  2. When the program is downloaded, install it. Choose the folder, where GTA SA is installed, and it installs.
  3. When the program is installed, download some modifications, you want. Some of them are at the end of this article.
  4. There is at lease one file with the .cs extension in the downloaded archive. It is the script and very often also other files (for instance maps with the .ide extension).
  5. Read the readme, you’ll get to know lots of interesting information about the program, how it works etc. If you don’t think you need to read it, you’d better still do so. It is good to know the author’s e-mail and after a good reading through the readme, you can avoid useless questions in the GuestBook .
  6. Copy the files as it is written in the readme, and run the game.
    How to create a Cleo script

How to create a Cleo script

Unfortunately, there is nobody in our editor’s office that can shed any light on this matter. It is because Cleo modes are quite new and there aren’t many people who do them. If you know somebody who is able to write a walkthrough for the, write me an e-mail.

How to install, it doesn’t work, help!

In case of any questions, don’t hesitate to write in the GuestBook, or write me an e-mail, but please, describe your problem thoroughly and clearly.



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