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Clothes Special Suits Michal Deus | translated by: Kajlin & Alix | 04.09.2007


Special suits are only available after picking up girls and reaching certain score in your relationship or a mission.


A) Gimp Suit



You'll get this suit during the Key to Her Heart mission, when you watch a given person in a sex shop. Your sex appeal is increased about 5 points in this suit, but that's nothing. It'll be useful though, when you drop in your girlfriend Millie. She won't want to eat out or ride around town. She'll want the only thing, you  you to invite for a coffee.


B) Valet Uniform



You'll get the valet uniform during the 555 We Tip - San Fierro C.R.A.S.H mission, where you have to kill a porter in an underground garage. Suit won't only be used during the mission, but also during Valet Parking, where you have to park the cars of hotel's guests in the underground garage, like a valet.


C) Rural Clothes



The rural clothes are available after reaching 100% in the relationship with Helen. It allows you to enter the harvesters that are locked.


D) Croupier



This suit is obtained during the mission. It's from the Breaking the Bank at Caligula's quest. It'll come in handy during the mission and, when you are in the casino, your luck is increased and you can make a book.


E) Cop



You'll get the police uniform after reaching of 100% in your relationship with Barbara. Now you can go into a police station without raising hell.


F) Pimp Suit



This is the pimp suit that your girlfriend Denise buys you after reaching 100% in your relationship. Now you don't have to pay money for sex with a prostitute.


G) Racing Suit



You'll get the racing suit from Michel after reaching 100% in your relationship. Advantages of this suit are yet unknown.


H) Medic Uniform



When you reach 100% in your relationship with Kate, she'll give you the medical uniform. Advantages of this suit are unknown.




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