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Easter Eggs Štefan Šmihla | translated by: Kajlin & Alix | 06.10.2007

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1) Message "There are no Easter Eggs up here"



Take your jetpack and go to the Gant Bridge. Climb to the first pillar, then to the second one, then on the highest pillar is the message "There are no Easter Eggs up here. Go Away."


2) Facts about Gant Bridge



There is a bar behind Katie's home at the beginning of Gant Bridge.  Next to it are short stairs and by them is a table with facts about the Gant Bridge. This wouldn't be anything extra, if this wasn't written on it:
length - 159,7m
height - 60,3m above see-level
15000 polygons, inc. LODs
600m draw distance
11 textures
Takes up a staggering 1,27mb on disk space


3) The grave of company



There is land behind the fence, beside the Hippy Shopper shop, where there are graves with the coat of arms from the Rockstar Games. There is written: 1997-2004. In 1997, the first GTA came out and in 2004, GTA: San Andreas came out on PC.


4) Jesus Saves



Do you still remember that in GTA 2 you started and saved all levels in the same place called Jesus Saves? There is a small reminder next to the hairdresser in the Playa del Saville quarter. 


5)  Billboard's games True Crime




There is hidden advertisement on two places in Los Santos for the game True Crime: Street.


6) GTA: Vice City in shops




GTA: Vice City with a picture of Lance and Tommy Vercitti on the label is sold in Zero RC shop. 


7) Manhunt in shop



It's possible to find Manhunt in Zero's shop.


8) Door-mat Rockstar North



When you played the End of The Line mission, you might have noticed a door-mat in front of a  Smoke's Crack Palace. There is written "Not welcome Rockstar North."


9) Constellation of Rockstar Games



Many of you have already noticed that there are stars in the sky (of course at night). But it looks like the letter R and the North Star actually make the logo from Rockstar Games!


10) CJ Figurant



Some of you might have already noticed that a picture of CJ serves as a target in most of shops with weapons. We wonder why shop assistants put CJ up as a target in almost every shop. Why? Does it have a hidden meaning?  Or do they just dislike him?


10th egg was send by Zodiac.





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