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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Jakub Dvořák | translated by: Kajlin & Colxfile | 10.11.2007

This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about GTA: San Andreas.
If you have any more, don’t hesitate to ask! Email:

PC Version

 1. How to recruit a gangster into my gang?
That’s easy, just go to a member of the Orange Grove Street and aim at him (the right mouse button – default) and press G at your keyboard. From that moment, the gangster has become your gang member. That means he follows you anywhere, he shoots at members of other gangs and he also protects you ;o). If you don’t want the guy to follow you any more, aim at him and press key H. The maximum number of gang members depends on the level of your respect. 

2. How to start a gang war?
Simply find the area of enemy gang in Los Santos and kill several of its members. Then, the note about unleashing war will turn up.  Armor and health will start to show up round you, so don’t forget to pick them up! Sometimes, it might easily happen that the enemy gang will attack you!

3. How to add my own music?
The Walkthrough is here.
4. Is there a Czech translation for GTA:SA? When yes, where to download it?
The Czech translation is here.
5. I can’t get to the stadium.
You have to rescue a school in San Fierro first.
6. Where can I import and export in Las Venturas?
Just go to Easter Basin, drive up to a crane and then only load the car to the ship :o).
Correction by Hanis: Not in Las Venturas but in San Fierro.

7. When can I buy a motor show?
After carrying out Caesar’s missions and passing a driving school.  

8. How to get muscles? 
You’ll get muscles mainly by working out in a gym, where you have lots of choice for how to improve your physique. But be careful! You are allowed to be in a gym for at most 5 GTA hours every day. (1 GTA hour = 1 real minute).
9. How to break-in houses?
You have to have a Boxvile car for it, which can be found among houses in front of a gym in Los Santos. Drive by this car to the house after 20:00. Pressing the + key will activate a mission.

10. How to pick up girls?

There are lots girlfriends in San Andreas to pick up. Everything about them can be found here.
11. Where to find a police Maverick?

It is possible to find it on the roof of Pershing Square’s police station in Los Santos.  

12. How to unlock the airport?
You have to pass a flying school.
13. What key flies the hydra forward?
Press button 8 on the numeric keypad.  

14. How can I save my personal statistics into an external file?
During the game enter into the pause menu (by pressing ESC) and choose Stats and press key “S” on your keyboard. Statistics should save into folder “    /GTA San Andreas User Files".
15. How to unlock possibility of buying weapons in Ammu Nations?
First, you must successfully complete the Doberman mission.
16. I’ve got a request: how to do the first quest in the driving school? I mean that turning about 360… I still stay on the place, rub out and can’t turn… even if I turn in any direction. (request was sent by Merlin Milos)
You have to press buttons W and S and arrow (either right or left) (A and D don’t work) – (Sent by Miloš Havlíček)

You can only press together arrows up and down and then press button A (for turning to the left) or D (for turning to the right). It works during the default keyboard option. (Sent by Kastar)

17. How to open up illegal races, what to do for it? (asked by Matin Huszár)
You must do driving school, then missions in the garage near the building site in San Fierro (looks like a petrol station) and then buy a motor show. (Sent by Miloš Havlíček)
 After finishing the driving school... bronze is enough.

18.  I’ve already done all story missions and I still can’t play basketball (there isn’t any ball on the field).Why? (Sent by Miloš Havlíček)
If you know, send me an email to
  Hi, I am Peter and I have got a question. How can I save TRAINERS and MODES into SA. (Sent by Petr Brezik)
If you know, send me an email to
19. I’d like to ask, if it is possible to ride on a skateboard in gta sa.  (Sent by Jan Vantuch)
You can’t ride on the skateboard in the game, but you can use it as weapon – when you download it in the download section in the weapon folder. (Sent by M. Havlíček)
Although you can own a skateboard in San Andreas, you can use it only as weapon, and, for instance, hit people with it. Unfortunately you can’t ride on it. You can get a skateboard according to walkthrough in the Scorpion’s WinCheater:
                                            "Open the default.ide file in the dates folder and rewrite the link 
                                            335, knifecur, knifecur, null, 1, 50, 0  to following:
                                            335, skateboard, skateboard, null, 1, 50, 0. 
                                            And now you’ve got skateboard instead of knife. "

But I’ve read somewhere you can also download modifications, which give you a skateboard instead of BMX and then you can ride on it. (Sent by Petr Zvoníček)
20. How to get into Liberty City?
You have to have Place Manager.


Get into the Ganton Gym and don’t move, press alt+tab and select managers “the yellow arrow” in place and choose teleport. Then again press alt+tab and click to resume, you’ll be in some black room, turn so that you can see the yellow arrow and then enter into it. You’ll find yourself in a closed film studio, but again, don’t move there! Press alt+tab and choose "Liberty City" and confirm the teleport, then again alt+tab and resume and, applause please, you’re in Liberty City. Sent by: MarekX.
21. How to open car trunk? (Sent by Jakub Roubal)
 If you know, send me an email to
22.  Please, what can slow my GTA:SA more? My own music or a speedometer?? (Sent by Lukáš Coupal)
Move the speedometer. Sent by Stanislav Vlček
23.  Hello everybody, I’ve bought an 19¨ LCD monitor. But after plug in and installation of a driver, the GTA SA stop to work. Everything was without problems on my old CRT monitor. Can you help me, why the game won’t run on my LCD monitor? I use resolution 1280*1024 (Sent by Martin Šádek)
Just press plus (+). Sent by: Stanislav Vlček
24. Is it possible to give some orders to gang members? (Martin Frustl)
You can only order them to stay on the place (key H) or to follow you (key G).

25. Hi, I’ve got a problem with my PC version of GTA: San Andreas. I can’t finish the flying school. I’ve bought the airport and I can’t draw in the wheels in the first mission. It shows me a message to press button 2 for drawing in and nothing happens.  (Martin Sahulka)
I draw in the wheels by default key + on the numeric keyboard.
Sent by: Petr...
26. What am I suppose to do in the first mission in the flying school? I really can’t understand it, when I take off, nothing happens.  (Sent by Hustej Týpek)
When you fly, go still up and straight, there will be red circles, you are suppose to fly into them. Sent by: David Kupka
27. How can I lock a car? (Sent by: ati_32)
You can’t. ;o) Sent by: WinBoss
For locking a car door, use trainer +120. Sent by: Jan Hampl

28. Where can I find a flying and driving school? Can you give me a picture? Thank you. (Sent by: Dusan, Bratislava)
The flying school is in the Las Venturas´ desert. The Driving school is near the garage in San Fierro, where you started. (Sent by: Pavol Dudrík)
29. I’ve downloaded cars into the SA (Porsche GT3, Cadillac Cien) and they scratch about the ground (driving is impossible). So I need give advice which another car should I use. It must be zr 350 and flash, thanx.
(Sent by Jan Kouba)
The problem is that he doesn’t insert handling and for some kinds of cars handling is mainly important. Sent by: Keďo2
30. Hi bro, I want to ask, if there is any multiplayer for GTA3, Vice City or San Andreas which allows two computers connected by net by LAN to play together? I’ve tried MTA and GTAT, it wanted my IP address and port, so I entered IP according to a networking option and I kept port as it was. But it didn’t work. So I tried to enter the port according to another game, but the result was same.  I really don’t know what do. Please help me… (Sent by Little Bloody)
If you know, send me an email to
31. How to open suitcase x trunk? (sent by: Daniel Spatola)
If you know, send me an email to
32. Hello, does anyone know if it’s possible to get more than seven stars in GTA SA? I had only 7 in statistics and I think, I can get 724, so don’t you know how to get them more? Please answer!!! (sent by: Martin Kind 1)
If you know, send me an email to
33. Hi, do you know where the car or maybe off-road Duneride is? The picture is in program GGMM. Thanx for help. (sent by: Michal Skuhra)
If you know, send me an email to


Playstation 2 Version

1. I am Playstation 2 owner and have got a problem with air-fighter hydra, don’t you know how the position of nozzles changes? My hydra just flies in the vertical direction and it won’t fly as it has to. Can you help me, what to press? (sent by AMERICAN MEN)
Press the right analog stick up and vice versa down. (Sent by Maťo)



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