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Flying AnhHai | translated by: Kajlin & Alix | 06.10.2007

Flying has become very important in San Andreas. And it is the second most widely used means of transportation; the first one of course is automobiles.


1. Parachute




Although the parachute isn’t a means of transport, it can save your life many times. Doing it is easy, after you jump off, you have to open the parachute in time and then use the arrows to control your fall. But CJ falls to the land quite fast. To decrease the speed of the fall, higher jump and better control. Then be sure to bend his knees.


2. Jetpack



A favorite “means of transport.” It has similar qualities as the parachute, so a fall from up high doesn’t hurt you and it can get you into hard-to-reach places, where a chopper has problems landing. I don’t recommend you use it for higher distances as the speed isn’t so fast. You can shoot using the automatic during flight, so you won’t be defenseless. The jetpack is available after completing the Black Project mission. In addition, if you fall into the water, you can fly out without a problem.


3. Hydra - an air-fighter and a chopper





A favorite type of plane. It is an air-fighter which can be either the chopper or the air-fighter and that is due to the thruster nozzles. You’ll become acquainted with it in the mission with Mike Toreno for the first time. In this mission you have to destroy several spyships.


Mini-course of flying with hydra

When you get on the plane, press the up arrow to take off. Then press keys NUM2 and NUM8 for altitude of the thruster nozzles to change the chopper mode into the air-fighter mode.



4. Hydra - Wings of death in the sky




Hydra isn’t just an innocent plane; it is the most murderous weapon. It uses heat-navigated rockets. The combination of rockets and the speed is almost undefeatable (with experienced hands)


How to use the rockets?

At first you must see an enemy then press the Space to target it. You must hold the Space until the target turns red, and then press Ctrl. The rocket will find its victim on its own, if the first attempt wasn’t successful, try it again.




Sometimes it might happen that a rocket is shot at you. Hydra has signal rockets that can work as bait for enemy rockets. By pressing the left mouse those are released.




When you managed to destroy the enemy, you can see a fireball which falls at a high speed to the ground.


5. Hydra - looking for the hydra




Then is a hydra hidden in a hangar at the airport in Verdant Meadow and at the military bases just outside of it, two other air-fighters can also be found. But stealing the machines from the bases is quite dangerous, because air-to-ground rockets are around.
Something that might happen is that you don’t find your plane in the hangar, then it’s a good idea to go to the military base and see their hydra, when you get back to your hangar, your darling should be there (some glitch in the game).


6. Airport



Los Santos                                            San Fierro                                               Las Venturas




Aside from stealing the plane from the airport, you can also have yourself transported to another town for a small charge. Each town has one airport. There you can buy a ticket and choose your mode of travel. Then you’ll be transported to chosen city.


Note: Take a note that by each airport gate is a booth and in it a person. If you stop at him, he’ll start to tell you something about that how everyone has a flying license nowadays and that he doesn’t understand how you got one.


7. Freefall - Hell in the air



Freefall belongs to more difficult missions. Now I’d like to give you some advice, how to beat this mission. At first you must fly as high as possible and follow the radar. When you see the aim is in sight, quickly turn the plane to hide behind the jet. You must stay higher than the enemy plane and when you see it under yours, fly into it by a diving attack. Since the Dodo is slower than the jet, during the freefall (gravity etc.) you have a higher speed and you’ll reach the plane.





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