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Guide to Inserting Weapons AnhHai | translated by: Kajlin & Paul | 30.12.2007


- Gtasa Garage Mod Manager (GGMM). (Download here)
- a vehicle model
- knowledge of the English language :o)
It’s true, GGMM is not just for adding cars – this great program also has a module for adding weapons to the game.

1. Where to install the GGMM

             Note: click to enlarge 
Place the program into the folder where the game is installed. The default way is shown in the picture.

 C:Program Files ->Rockstar Games....

2. Example installation of the Glock 17 weapon into the game


Download the example gun from here. After unzipping, you’ll see the following files.
The key files, in this case, are: 

From the names of the files, you can see that Glock 17 replaces the current Colt 45. This means that you’ll lose colt45, but instead get Glock 17.

3. GGMM in action 

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Start GGMM and press the INSTALLER button in the top corner, then choose MANUAL CAR INSTALLER.

4. Inserting the weapon 

                Note: click to enlarge                                     Note: click to enlarge 
And now let’s insert the weapon itself. Fill in the appropriate files in the DFF and TXD lines and press INSTALL. If the author gives only the TXD file, it doesn’t matter – just fill in information you have.

5. View

            Note: click to enlarge 
There is a WEAPONS button in the bottom corner; there you can see views of all weapons, and of course also COLT 45, which has just been changed to GLOCK 17.



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