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Interesting Stuff - 16th Part AnhHai | translated by: Alix | 14.01.2008

15. T-shirt 'n' Shit



Slightly vulgar inscriptions, which are very well-hidden. Discovered by Miroslav Kotyra.


14. Combination of interesting stuff  from Martin Erdos




1) Life under water
It is possible to ride a bike, motorcycle etc., without using cheats (aside from teleportation). If you go into the water normally, CJ starts to swim. If you teleport from ground to the water, it is possible to normally exist there, there are the natural laws as on solid ground now and you have unlimited oxygen so it is possible to move without any problems.

Deep ditches in San Andreas - When you are under water but you go too far, for example, under the bridge in San Fierro, the screen will darken. If you don’t turn around, it will go completely dark, and finally you will be automatically teleported to solid ground. I don’t know if this is an error in the game, but it's very impressive.

-flying here also works

3) Even I have one little thing.  If you use the jetpack cheat when you're riding a motorcycle or bicycle, it will appear on CJ's back, seemingly functional, but unfortunately it doesn't work.


13. Flying Train



This train derailed at a great speed. I was driving it too fast so it derailed at the turn off of the track and suddenly soared into the air, then when I wanted to leave the train, it was not possible, I also appeared under the road and I was run over by cars. Well, I finally had to kill myself by using the cheat because I couldn’t get out. Posted by: Martin Kindl.


12. Villager on a Sanchez and a Flying car




I have two more interesting things. A flying car in front of the stadium in LS and a villager on Sanchez 2 seconds before I got run over. Posted byl: Tomáš Matúš.


11. Ghost car in GGMM




If you're in the GtaGarage Mod Manager you will find the "Glendale" car and "glenshit" you'll find out that "glenshit" is a ghost car! It works well for cars "Sadler" and "sadlshit" too. By this way you can understand the mystery of the ghostcars ... Posted by: Hierro.


10. Map of the territory



Because some people complain that we cant conquer 100% of the territory, so we have proof here, that it can be done. Posted by Jan Hampl.


9. Stumps



Stumps, which can be found on the meadows outside of Los Santos; not far from there, you can find a woodman. Posted by: Alik.


8. Strange bridge




his bridge is located close to the beach with the Russian wheel. Under it people are coming to sit in the shade, but if a car goes over it, it is possible to see the shadow of the car under the bridge. Posted by: Zipper_pd.


7. Hollow building




In San Fierro near the police station with a helicopter is a special hollow building. If you jump with a bmx or mountain bike onto the roof, you'll pass through the roof. I have done this trick only on a bike. When I was walking, it failed. Posted by: Martin Erdos.


6.  Strange doors




On this screenshot are opened doors to the house even though I didn’t buy it. Posted by: Netopier23.


5. Rhino with 12 and 6 wheels




In GtaGarage Mod Manager is the missing tank, Rhino, which really has 6 wheels! Posted by: Hierro.


4. Jump off skyscraper




When you jump off a skyscraper in Los Santos by the track that I have indicated in the picture and crash to the opposite one with the bf-400 bike (I do not know if it can be done with another bike, I tried it only on that one), so if you fall down, you'll have a little biit of health left. Strange right? Posted by: Miro Kubiš.


3. Destroyed Walton



Tomíík sent us screenshot of a destroyed Walton at Catalina.


2. Rift in the sea



In San Fierro is a rift in the sea, which is commemorating the actual break in the earth's crust near San Francisco (the rift is called the San Andreas Fault). Above it is a ship that you, in one mission, get to shoot down in your helicopter. Posted by: Dragon2.


1. Phone numbers




When I was passing San Andreas, I encountered this: In Los Santos (pic. 1) is a house for rent, in San Fierro (pic. 2) also, and they are even the same number. Posted byl: Peter006.




screenshot of day

Screenshot dne
Car Crash - Miroslav Ševčík


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