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Lowriders David Hořínek & Honza Svatoš | translated by: Kajlin & Alix | 12.11.2006

Lowriders are very popular means of transportation, especially in the Varios Los Aztekas gang (Caesar’s gang). You can see lowriders mainly in Los Santos around the station, where there is also tuning garages for them.


And which cars are lowriders?
But it’s possible you will come across more than those in the list below. So if you aren’t sure your car is lowrider, drive in front of one of the special tuning garages and when it opens, you will know it is lowrider!

Garage, where you can take a photo of your beautiful car, looks like this. (Before the tuning). And your car can look like this after the tuning (nový paintjob, chromový nárazník, hydraulika, kola, chromové lišty etc.).



You have lots of possibilities in the garage, but the look of your car will be the most changed by repainting.
But don’t forget a hydraulic! Not only is it lots of fun and due to it you won’t destroy your car on terrain, but it mainly enables races with jumping!


Find this fella next to the train station at the border of El Corona/Unity Station.


Talk to him and answer YES! Behind this wall there will be a turned up jumping race. Then just go with your modified lowrider into the red circle. Now only set your bet and confirm. You can start. You will have one opponent against you and if you have more points than he, you’ll win double your bet. Follow the arrows. 

Up arrow: Num 8
Down arrow: Num 2
Right arrow: Num 6
Left arrow: Num 4


It can also happen that you have a diagonal arrow for instance to the right up corner, and then press Num 6 and Num 8 together. (Everything is the default options)
Try to press when the arrow is in the middle of the ring.


A small hint: when police chase you and you are near this garage, have a new paintjob done and police will stop chasing you.
And this should be everything about these vehicles. So enjoy!




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Car Crash - Miroslav Ševč


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