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Physical Exercises AnhHai | translated by: Kajlin & Alix | 12.11.2006

A new thing in San Andreas are character attributes, it's kind of like RPG elements. Your character can develop to perfection. At the beginning CJ is an oaf, who can't breathe after a little sprint, but he can take more after a while. This article is about improving CJ's stamina and fitness.



Basic attributes of fitness are: 


lung capacity


Advantages and drawbacks of being fat (a high level of fat in body):



- you can't die of hunger
- some girls want fat men



- low speed, slow running and swimming
- low stamina
- impossible to jump high
- bad at driving a car


So as you can see, fat in CJ's body is not as useful and it isn't difficult to get rid of. Do you know how? Read on.


A) Amateur way


1. Run



The basic exercise in this game is running. You can improve your stamina and muscles and decrease the amount of the fat. But after a while CJ gets exhausted and it's necessary to wait until he catches his breath.


2. Cycling



You can get a bike at the beginning of the game. During cycling, your stamina, muscles and health are increased.


3. Swimming and scuba diving



It was a nightmare in Vice City. After you touched the water, your main character started to drown. This was a way to kill your character accidentally and was fortunately corrected. You can increase your stamina, muscles, and health quickly by swimming.



Another new element is scuba diving. Expect a beautiful look at the sub-aqueous world. It is also possible to pick up seashells (oysters). Like swimming, your lung capacity increases and you can hold longer underwater.


B) Professional way - gyms


1. Gyms


There are 3 gyms in the game and each of them is in one city. Expect training equipment and you can also find trainers who can teach you new fighting skills.


1.1. Los Santos




You can train at boxing in Los Santos. 


1.2. Los Santos - Verona Beach & Madd Dogg's villa




There aren't only the common exercise places in Los Santos. There are also gyms on Verona Beach and in Madd's villa full of training equipment. And of course you can use them without any problems.


1.3. San Fierro




In San Fierro it's possible to learn martial arts - Kung Fu. 


1.4. Las Venturas




You can learn kick-boxing in Las Venturas.


2. Equipment for doing exercises


2.1. Dumbbells




With dumbbells you can get muscles quite fast.



At first you must set the weight and then, for instance, click by the left Shift + the left mouse. I recommend lighter dumbbells and when you are more muscular choose a heavier weight. 


2.2. Treadmill



Same as running, but more effective, stamina fills up faster and fat disappears nearly on its own.


2.3. Rotoped



Same as the bike, but the result is much higher than by normal cycling. 




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