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Police Stars Michal Deus & Ondřej Vodstrčil | translated by: Kajlin & Alix | 31.08.2006

This is a description of stars you get for how much trouble you are in with the police and a list of places where you can find golden stars which can decrease you troubles with policemen and the law. The wanted level can be decreased by them.

A) Wanted level (by Michal Deus)

As we are used to in San Andreas, you are hunted by police. The wanted level is again shown by stars. And every new one increases the game's difficulty and decreases your chance for survival.

1 star


You are hunted by a policeman. That means they drive alone in their car. They are absolutely unorganized and you can easily get rid of them.

2 star

Next level is little bit harder, but it's still easy. You are hunted by two policemen in one car, that's all.

3 star

Three stars bringing some more trouble. You are hunted by police and a chopper with a machine gun.

4 star


Next level means guys from SWAT. No more, no less. They wear bulletproof jackets, drive special vehicles, and they rope down from the chopper to you. They are almost everywhere.

5 star


That's like hell. The SWAT people aren´t all, now they are followed by FBI agents. Specially modified jeeps, men with bulletproof jackets and machine guns are at every turn. And (bonus!) in the form of two choppers, great isn't it?

6 stars


The last level and the worst one. It's almost impossible to survive. Army stands against you with tanks and vehicles full of soldiers. You have no choice, you must do everything quickly. 

B) Los Santos (by Ondřej Vodstrčil)




 1) The cliff between the Fern Ridge and the Hilltop Farm (eastern from the Blueberry)
 2) Open space Stage 25 Interglobal Television in Vinewood (a big graffito on the red building)
 3) The dead end in row Market.
 4) Under the bridge in The Glen Park.
 5) Behind the house in Las Colinas (right away across from tail)
 6) Also in Las Colinas (as if you wanted drive on further by the main truck road to Los Flores).  The star is in the air above the gradient road.
 7) In East Los Santos quarter next to a house above a flood channel
 8) In Ganton's alley between houses (western from house, where Denise lives)
 9) Above a span in The Ocean Docks.

10) Next to garage of one of the houses closely before slope


C) Montgomery Intersection (Ondřej Vodstrčil)



1) Set off from Palomino Creek to west of Montgomery Intersection (as if you wanted to go on to Montgomery). When you reach the by-road, drive down to sandy road - the star is right under the flyover.


D) Blueberry (Ondřej Vodstrčil)



1) In the close street between the fence and the Ammu-Nation shop
2) West of Blueberry on the sandy road (right in the middle of crossroad)


E) Badlands (Ondřej Vodstrčil)



1) In alley on the northwestern of your save point in Angel Pine.
2) By a flooded ford in the direction of The Shady Creeks.

F) San Fierro (Ondřej Vodstrčil)



1) Behind the buildings near Michelle's Auto Repair in Downtown
2) On the track behind The Xoomer Gas Station (in front of Easter Basin Military Base).
3) North of The Avispa Country Club in a close alley with a few containers
4) West of The Burger Shot in an alley behind your savepoint in Hashburry
5) In a tunnel among pillars next to Avispa Country Club
6) In Doherty quarter in front of The Easter Bay Docks - take a note of a ruin on the right side in the direction of your savepoint (you must go up the stairs)
7) In the area of Santa Flora in the front of your savepoint (find behind the wooden fencing)
8) At the end of the cliff near a street by sinuous road in Missionary Hill.

G) Fort Carson (Ondřej Vodstrčil)



1) Western of Fort Carson right by a street (beside two houses)

H) Las Venturas (Ondřej Vodstrčil)



1) Behind a gym in Emerald Isle in a narrow alley.
2) In the area of Emerald Isle eastern of a market (shops Binco, Zip, Well, Stacked Pizza etc.). The star can be found in the air, so if you want to get it, you must go off a ramp behind the fencing (under the high voltage wires against the market)
3) In the Redsands West in an alley behind houses - you have to break a wooden fencing.
4) In the air - reaching only by jump from a ramp on the ship in area of Pirates In Men's Pants
5) In Julius Thruway East, below a slip-road to main road (east slip-road in the map)
6) On the roof of building eastern of the casino Royal (you get there only by jump over stairs behind the building in form of a pyramid or by a helicopter, eventually by jetpack)
7) Under the high sharp monument next to Camel's Toe.
8) Next to the fencing behind the casino Four Dragons.
9) In the air above crossing of Julius Thruway South (right on the cross-road, which turns to casino Four Dragons)




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