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Reference to Vice City - 1st part AnhHai | translated by: Kajlin & Alix | 20.11.2007

You have probably come across a lot of things from the Vice City game during GTA SA.  I have decided to write them down and make some screenshots. Here are some discovered items (though, there are lots of other ones that I will add later). If you find something from previous games, send me an e-mail with a short description and a screenshot.

Special thanks to MarekX who helped write this article.

1. Hidden Package

I’m sure I don’t have to introduce you to the concept of hidden packages that were scattered throughout all of Vice City. They are also in San Andreas, but in a slightly different way. The only reference to them is the statue found in a shop near the Grove Street. 


2. Poster of Candy Suxxx

In Vice City, there was an asset mission where you had to buy a film studio. By this, you unlocked several funny missions involving porn. If you carried them out, your reward was a poster with the autograph of Candy from Vercett Estate. Now you can find the posters with this celebrity anywhere, for instance in Madd’s villas, or in the mission where you must break into the Colonel’s house with Ryder.

3. Figures of Tommy and Lance

You can see figures of Tommy and Lance on the shelves of a Zera shop in San Fierro.


4. Pigsy from Manhunt

You can find another Rockstar game and it is Manhunt with the Pigsy character as the lead.


5. Characters from GTA: Vice City

You’ll meet old faces from Vice City. They are Paul Kent, who used to spend most of his time in a Malibu Club looking at women, and an unnerved Ken Rosenberg, who will shout out in one mission the following:

Ken Rosenberg: Hey Tommy, it´s like an old times!!!
CJ: Hey.. Who's Tommy??


Kent Paul                                Ken Rosenberg

6. Vehicles from Vice City


Expect characters and different items along with vehicles transferred into San Andreas. You can find them everywhere and they are quite wide-spread and mixed with the cars from the 90’s. Here are several pictures of the vehicles.


Sanchez was a great motorbike in Vice City, and still is in San Andreas; it didn’t lose any of its great speed and simply control.



Blista Compact, an easy car for all occasions. Also quite wide-spread.


PCJ 600
























BJ Injection











screenshot of day

Screenshot dne
Car Crash - Miroslav Ševčík


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