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Skills and Qualities Ondřej Vodstrčil | translated by: Kajlin & Alix | 30.09.2007

Carl Johnson (the main character of the game) can, as any normal person, develop several skills at once. The complete list can be seen after pausing the game then you click on Stats and then on Player


1. Fat

This has to deal with the level of fat that CJ has. Fat is very important because it gives you strength for running. If you don’t have any fat, you’ll lose muscles during jogging, and it’s, of course, unwanted. On the other hand if you have more than 20-25% fat in your body, CJ starts to fill out and he gets fat. It results in losing part of his skills (slower run and hits). Fat can be added by eating in restaurants (with your beautiful girlfriends) or at fast-food and you can lose odd kilos by jogging or by working out in gyms and cycling.


2. Stamina

This indicator shows your stamina (time - how long you can swim, sprint or drive bike). Increasing this indicator is very slow, but it never decreases. Stamina can be increased by jogging or working out in a gym (bike/ treadmill)


3. Lung capacity


This indicator shows your lung capacity or, if you prefer, your stamina underwater. From all these indicators this one is probably the least important – the only use is during one mission, when it’s necessary to increase your lung capacity. You can do it only by scuba diving often.


4. Respect


A very important indicator that can give you not only authority before other gangs but you can also call members into your clan (Grove Street 4 Life). Of course the higher reputation you have, the more fighters you can hide. They will help you against the police or enemies. You can gain respect by fulfilling missions or sub missions (quests), by killing drug dealers near Ganton (they offer drugs to your partners), by occupying land of enemy clans and also killing off them off.


5. Muscle

Another indicator shows amount of muscle. If you are muscular, your fist attacks can cause a lot of serious damage to enemies and, due to muscle, you can also learn a few new moves in the ring, which is in every gym in all the main cities (Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas). And your sex-appeal will be also increased. But pay attention to Carl’s persistence, because you can work out only within the frame of his physical limit.


6. Driving skill

According to the name it’s clear that next skill is about driving cars. Of course you can increase your skill by driving vehicles that have four wheels. The more knowledge you have, the less likely that you skid and the car will be far more controllable.


7. Weapon skill

This is almost the same as driving skill, but with the difference that you have to have knowledge of weapons. You must just shoot at cars and at policeman and your skills will increase. Depending on weapons, after the first skill increase (about 20-30 percent), you will have much better aim, aforementioned weapon will get better range, effect, cadence, and on top of that you’ll be able to shoot while walking. You will notice this increase of skills due to information sign at the corner of the game screen, where the game tells you that you have the status of “Gangster”. And if you keep on training shooting until you get 100% skills, you’ll get the status of “Hitman.” Due to that, your gun-range will be extended, effect and accuracy will be increased and you’ll be able to shoot from two of same weapon (but this is true only for Tec-9, short shotgun, pistol and Micro SMG).


8. Flying skill

Next skill is the indicator of flying skill. You can get them in your own airport in Las Venturas (in the desert) during pilot training. When you pass this training, you’ll get, along with the new skills,  a pilot license, which allows you to go to the other airports in all three main cities.


9. Bike skill

This skill includes motorbike driving and it’s also a very important part of the whole game. If you learn this skill, it’ll be less likely that you fall from the motorbike, smaller percent of health will be deducted and bare back will be much faster. Don’t underestimate!


10. Cycling skill

Cycling skill is the least important skill, because players usually use this vehicle only for passing through the city (mostly for fun) and you have to use it for only a few missions. But on the other hand, experience with this activity increases the fastest of all the other skills. New tricks are unlocked by increasing this skill, for example a high jump, by which you’ll be able to jump over an oncoming vehicle (of course after a hard training)


11. Sex Appeal

Sex Appeal isn’t as important for the game, but if you want to go in for your girlfriends, you’ll need it. Sex-appeal is influenced by the clothes you wear or the number of love affairs you’ve already had.




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