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Stations Michal Deus & Marek Durec | translated by: Kajlin & Colxfile | 09.12.2007

We are going to introduce you to all stations (Mainly Police and Fire stations) for the whole of San Andreas in this article

A) Police stations

You can find a dildo, gun, shield or shotgun at a police station. And there is a shotgun with five bullets in a police car outside, and a shield in the S.W.A.T vehicle. When you enter the police station with the gun in your hand, the whole police force will start to hunt you down. The same thing will happen when you steal their car from their garage. But you can overcome it when you get the police suit from your girlfriend, Barbara.  
1. Los Santos Police Department 

Location: Los Santos - Commerce
Description: The only police station, which is placed interestingly under the motorway and – at the same time – on the main square. There is a parking spot in front of it, for you to leave your car.
Bonus: There you can take a dildo, gun, shield and shotgun in this department. There is a parking place on the left of the entry door and also an entrance into the underground garages inside the station. There are several cars for the taking, but when you steal some of them, you’ll get three police stars, so look out.  


2. Angel Pine Sheriff


Location: Angel Pine
Description: The sheriff has his department almost in the centre of Angel Pine. You can recognize it by the sign.
Bonus: There is nothing in the surrounding area.



3. Dillimore Department

Location: Dillimore
Description: The second department in the countryside in the South part of San Andreas is in Dillimore. You can again look in.

Bonus: Nothing. Oh well.


4. Las Venturas Police Department

Location: Las Venturas - Rocca Escalante
Description: The biggest police stations must be in the richest town, that’s clear. It has two entrances; so don’t forget to visit.
Bonus: Cars in the parking lot.



5. Fort Carson Sheriff


Location: Fort Carson
Description: There is a small house and in it a police station on the Southwest of the town. I almost overlooked it :o)
Bonus: Nothing.


6. San Fierro Police Department


Location: San Fierro - Downtown
Description: The only station where you aren’t able to get to. But despite this fact, it has an underground garage.
Bonus: Cars in the underground garage. (The entrance is in the back)


7. El Quedbrados Sheriff

Location: El Quedbrados
Description: The last department is in this small village in the North. The station is on the east of the town.
Bonus: When you have Barbara as a girlfriend and your relationship is at 50%, then a police jeep is there, otherwise some civilian cars will be in the parking lot.


B)  Fire Departments


It’s impossible to get into any of them, as in the previous parts.

1. Los Santos Fire Department 
Location: Los Santos - Downtown
Description: A fire department near the slip-road and on the west of the playground, where you can go cycling. But it’s impossible to get into it.
The fire truck. This opens up fire brigade missions.



2. San Fierro Fire Department

Location: San Fierro - Doherty
Description: This department is near to a station and your garage in San Fierro. So it is almost impossible to overlook it.
Bonus: A fire truck in front of the department. This opens up fire brigade missions.



3. Las Venturas Fire Department


Location: Las Venturas - Redsands West
Description: The last fire department is in the Las Venturas city. It is placed nearly on the main street through the town. So it is ideally located for an emergency.
Bonus: A fire brigade truck in front of the station, which opens up fire brigade missions.



C) Hospitals


Hospitals are the last type of “department”. When you get into an ambulance car, your health will fill up. The buildings themselves are inaccessible.


1. All Saints General Hospital


Location: LS- Market
Description: This is the biggest hospital in the whole San Andreas!
Bonus: There is an ambulance.



2. County General

Location: LS- Jefferson
Description: When you are killed, you will always restart from this hospital.
Bonus: There is a parked ambulance.



3. Katie´s house

Location: SF- Paradiso
Description: When they kill you and you have Katie as a girlfriend, you won’t restart in the hospital, but in front of her house :o) And on the top of it, you won’t lose your money and weapons.
Bonus: When she is home, you can borrow her car – of course, when your relationship is at 50% or more :-)



4. San Fierro Medical Centrum


Location: SF- Santa Flora
Description: The hospital is near Katie’s house.
Bonus: there is usually parked an ambulance car, and when you are lucky you can find some cars in the car park.


5. El Quebrados Medical Centre

Location: Countryside -El Quebrados
Description: this small hospital is near Barbara’s house.
Bonus: There is an ambulance.



6. Fort Carson Medical Center


Location: Countryside - Fort Carson
Description: When you die somewhere near, you’ll be taken to this hospital.



7. Las Venturas Hospital 

Location: LV- the airport
Description: The only one hospital in Las Venturas
Bonus: The ambulance and other cars in the parking lot.



8. Angel Pine Medical Center

Location: Angel Pine
Description: it is a small hospital in the Angel Pine.
Bonus: As usual, an ambulance. :-)



And here is a detailed map. (Click to enlarge)



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