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Strip Joints David Hořínek | translated by: Kajlin & Alix | 30.09.2007

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There are 4 strip joints in San Andreas. Three of them are in Las Venturas and one is in Los Santos. So if you are fed up with gun battles, car chases and gangsters, you can go and relax here. And what do you have to do? Just find the nearest club in our map.


If you want, you can go watch the strippers dancing. You can also give them a tip (20 dollars). For this money, they'll show you different poses. If you want a more private experience, go to the small club. Strippers will be dancing especially for you for 100 dollars. And if you want, they can be dressed in police uniforms.

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Los Santos

The Pig Pen





This strip joint, which you can visit as the first one, is in your hometown - Los Santos. And what's more, it isn't far from your home. But look out! It's in the Ballast's area! This strip joint can offer you a lot of parking place. East region Los Santos - East Los Santos.





Las Venturas

1) The Big Spread Ranch





This club is east of Las Venturas, near the grade crossing and shop Ammu-Nation - region Bone Country. Its color is pink and there are high palm trees around it. It's impossible to overlook.





2) Nude Strippers Daily





This club is at the corner of Las Venturas. It's quiet small and it's impossible to overlook. The entry is the small door by the street. Region - Com-A-Lot.




3) Live Nude Girls




And this is the third club. It is at the corner of Old Venturas Strip. It's easy to overlook due to similar houses around.






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