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TeamSpeak Guide Branislav Keder | translated by: Kajlin & Paul | 29.12.2007

Let me introduce you to the best way to talk together by microphone. This program is the most widely used in Counter Strike, but also in SAMP.

You can download this program here ---> download teamspeak2 [5,59 MB]

I've split it into two parts:
1.    How to get into  server
2.    Creation of a room  

How to get into the ts server:

1. Switch on Teamspeak 2
2. Click Connection in the top menu and then Quick Connect
                     note: click to enlarge

3. Enter the entry password
Server address:
Nickname: your nick or name (in my case Kedo 2)
Login name: for administrators
Password: for administrators

                                   note: click to enlarge
4. Ready

                            note: click to enlarge

Creation of room:

Temporary room

                                note: click to enlarge
Constant room
If you are a member and you want a constant room, send me an e-mail with the subject teamspeak_eng.




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