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Videos Michal Deus & Michael Švarc | translated by: Kajlin & Colxfile | 28.12.2007

Here you can find some videos from the game. They were either made by players or the game developers. If you want to send us a video of what you’ve been doing in the game, write to We reserve the right not to add videos to this page, especially those which are larger than 3MB!


1) GTA SA Official Trailer 1



The first of three official trailers for GTA San Andreas.


2) GTA SA Official Trailer 2



The second official trainer by game creators.


3) GTA SA Official Trailer 3



The last video by game developers before game release.


4) Police

A video which will show you, how police is like in the San Andeas.


5) Hairdresser



CJ will go to a hairdresser and have his hair cut.


6) Gangs



Gangs in Los Santos and their ordinary life.


7) Basketball



A very short movie about a basketball.


8) Beach Party



A video about a beach party.




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Car Crash - Miroslav Ševč


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