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Walkthrough for GTA SA AnhHai & Jan Klapetek | translated by: Kajlin | 31.08.2006

This walkthrough was written by:
Los Santos: Le Hai Anh
Countryside: Filip Richter
San Fierro: Le Hai Anh
: Filip Richter
Las Venturas: Filip Richter
Comeback Los Santos: Le Hai Anh

Proof-readers of the walkthrough:
Los Santos: Paul and Colxfile
Countryside: Colxfile
San Fierro: Colxfile
Desert: Paul
Las Venturas: Alix
Comeback to Los Santos: Colxfile

Los Santos


1. Beginning

In the Beginning

The beginning is easy. Police kick you out of the car and you have only a bike. Hop on to it and follow the map to get to your house.
Big Smoke
You’ll find Smokie there, who will take you to a cemetery. After several scenes a rival gang will attack you. Hop on your bike and go to your friends. It is enough to run out before a purple car.
Ryder lives by your house. Visit him and go with him to a hairdresser, choose a haircut and go out. There is a pizzeria opposite, so go there with Ryder and buy a pizza. Your friend decides to attack him, but the shop assistant is wise to this and he forces you out. You can either kill him and get a shotgun, or run away. Whatever you do, go back to your house.

2. Sweet Johnson

Tagging Up Turf
You’ll obtain another quest in Sweet’s house, which is not far from you. You will both go to respray the tags of the competitive gang. The mission is to find all of the tags - they’ll appear on the map as little green squares - and respray them.  He’ll teach you how to climb over a fence and other useful stuff before the sixth tag. So you can get on the roof, where the 6th tag is. You’ll go home together with Sweet. There are in total 100 places in the game similar to hidden parcels.
Cleaning the Hood
You and Ryder go visit one friend of yours and find out that he is addict on a crack. Go to a dealer and kill him, then search his body and take a baseball bat. Go to the near building, which is home to a Crack Den. Kill all the men inside: your baseball bat will be enough for it. Then go home.

There is once more a new mission before Sweet’s house. Go to a fast food outlet with your band, you’ll meet a purple car driven by your enemy during the way and a chase will begin. You have to catch up with the rivals and allow Ryder or Sweet to shoot at them. When you kill them, don’t forget to take an automatic gun Tec from them. Take your band back home and Sweet into his halls.
Nines and AKs
Go with Smokie to Nines, who sell weapons. You’ll take an exercise in shooting, but you’ll find out a weak point of your car, it is enough to shoot at a petrol tank and that will set it on fire. Weapons can’t be bought yet.
A quite easy mission, you must go with your friends to kill members of enemy gangs. As soon as you kill the fourth group, go to Pay and Spray where they change you the car and then go back home. Take ammo and money from dead enemies.
Sweet's Girl
Sweety will call you and ask for your help. He and his girlfriend are surrounded and you have limited time to go and help them. Take the nearest car and head on over there. As soon as you arrive to a designated place, drive over as many enemies as you can and get out and kill the rest. You have to kill everybody and take Sweet with his girl back home to succeed.

3. Cesar Vialpando

Cesar Vialpando
You’ll be given this quest in front of Sweet’s house. You are supposed to go to garage for a special vehicle with spring suspension. Go to the designated place, where the mechanic lets you get acquainted with a car. Pick a car and get into the garage, where you can upgrade your car. Then go to the place where the competition in “car jumping” takes place. You must place a bet at first and then the competition begins. The mission is as follows: there is a yellow ring in the bottom corner and arrows start to pass through it, so press NUM4 causing the car to jump to the right. Try to press the button when the arrow is mostly in the middle of the circle, because then you will get the maximum number of points. When you get more points than your opponent, you get the stake. Drive off back to the house using this car and park it into the garage.
High Stakes, Low-Rider
You will need a “jumping” car for a next mission as well. Cesar will phone you. So go to him, CV will appear on your map, go there and take part in illegal races in the town. If you didn’t destroy your car, you can win the race with ease. It shouldn’t be problem for you, it is enough just to drive following the red clubs. If you finish as a winner you’ll get 1000 $.

4. Ryder

Home Invasion
Visit Ryder, in the building next to your house, go to him in the evening. Take him with you to Colonel to break into his house full of weapons. You must carry out the mission before daybreak so hurry up. Get to the designed place following the map and enter the building, press ALT to sneak into his home. Collect at least 3 boxes and get away. When you have some time left, try to pick up all of them. Box locations: 2 boxes are in the bedroom upstairs, next two are in the hall in the upper floor. One of them is in the foyer; the next is in the kitchen.
Rider and you will go to steal a train full of weapons. As soon as you get to a station and kill off all guards, the enemy gang shows up. So hide somewhere and kill all of them again. Rider will tell you to jump into a wagon, and throw boxes with ammo to him. Press the left mouse button to increase power of throw and try to hit Ryder who goes in a car. At the end you get to Pay and Spray and then home.
Robbing Uncle Sam
Go to Ryder again and, together, go to a haven. When you get to a required place, get over a wall, kill a guard and shoot a numerical panel to open a gate. Ryder will get to a store with its load and again damage a panel. There are two guys inside, kill them and jump on a trolley, Ryder covers your back so don't afraid, but he has got limited health. Put each of 6 chests into the car using a truck. Buttons NUM2 and NUM8 control a straddle truck. 4 boxes are inside the store and the rest is outside the store.

5. Big Smoke

OG Loc
Go before the police station and pick up OG Loc. Drop in Freddy, who beat OG some time ago, on your way home. But Freddy will start to run away and what’s worse, he will choose the worst ways – only twisted roads etc. So get on your motorbike and follow him, try not to fall and get alongside to him. OG will care of shooting and you can attend to the driving. When you kill them, OG wants you to take him to a restaurant. Go to the richer, more upmarket area and drop him off there.
Running Dog
Next quest from Smoke. Go with him to where he wants you. You’ll see 2 guys from another gang, Smoke care of one of them, but the second one will run away. It’s up to you to catch him and get rid of him, so sprint behind him. I recommend using a automatic gun and shoot at him when he is in sight. When you don't catch him on foot, he will get into a car and a car chase will begin, and it won't be so easy. And when you don't catch him even by a car, you’ll lose him.
Wrong Side of the Tracks
You and Smoke are on your way to a station and suddenly you see members of Vangos gang jumping onto a train. You'll get on your great Sancheze motorbikes and go behind the train. Take care of the driving, and let Smoke shoot. Try to drive alongside the train, if he can shoot. The only problem is that there is a train arriving from the other direction. If you manage to kill 4 guys until the train passes, get to a bridge and you'll win, otherwise you must try the mission again.
Just Business
Another of adrenaline-pumping missions with Smokie. Go with him to a luxury hotel; once there, kill all Russian mafiosa inside. As soon as they are dead, go out where the next upheaval awaits. Jump with your friend to a motorbike, now he'll be driving and you should take care of the shooting. This is probably the funniest mission, shooting at the enemy is enough. You'll improve your Machine Pistol skill considerably on this mission. When you escape from them, go back home, and save your game there.


6. OG Loc

Life's a Beach
You can get this quest only between 10:00pm and 6:00am.  Visit OG and you'll get the quest. Go to a beach, where the party is in process. Run to the DJ and answer to all questions with YES [Y] to get his favor. You must show him your dancing skills. This mini-game isn’t difficult - the yellow circle will always show up and you must try to press arrows in the right order. When you get to at least 2500, you can go with the DJ to a van, where you get into the driver's seat and drive the car off into a garage.
Madd Dogg's Rhymes
OG asks you about stealing of Madd Dogg´s songbook. Jump into your car and drive to Madd Dogg´s villa. Go down a curved street, because the main door is down there. There a stealth mission will happen. You beat the first guy with a knife. Do not kill the next one in the swimming pool – it is better to go round him. Gradually, you will get to the room where the songbook is, which you can then pick up. Kill the nearest guard on your way back and take his silenced gun, with which you can kill all the other guards and get out without any problems.
Management Issues
This quest can only be accessed between midday and 5:00am. OG needs to get rid of somebody, so get into your car and catch up with the relevant car. Go to the nearest town with your car and when you've damaged you car too much, go to the garage. There should be two cars in the place. The middle place is reserved for you, so roll in and get into the same position as the other cars. Cars will start moving and you'll arrive at the prize-giving. Your aim will get into your car. Go with him to the pier and throw the car into the water, but don't forget to jump out in time.
Here is an alternative ending by ScoKing. Killers can back up to you and cause you problems while you are getting out of the vehicle at the end of the mall. But when you jump into the water, you can swim to the coast without any problem.

House Party
OG would like to have a party, so go back to your house. There is a party taking place in front of your house, so go there. But you’ll get fed up with the music after a while, so leave with Ryder. The Ballas gang will invade. Prepare your automatic, kill the first wave and then the enemy will show up on the bridge and in the end they will attack from the side streets.

7. C.R.A.S.H.

Burning Desire
You are working for corrupt police officers now. Go to the fast food place, where you'll meet with them. They want you to liquidate a gang. Go to the necessary place to find a Molotov cocktail and then go with them to the gangsters´ home. Take a Motolov cocktail and try to hit the windows. Two windows are on the street and three more are at the back of the house. When you have destroyed them all, the enemy will begin to run away, but another problem will occur. An innocent person is stuck in the house, so run into the house and try to get into the kitchen to find an extinguisher. Try to find the way to the upper floors to find the girl. As soon as you find her, run out of the building with her and give her a lift to her house. She will become your girlfriend and you can invite her out on a date.
Gray Imports
Police will give you a tipoff about the Ballas gang. So go to the dock and kill the guard. There is numeric keypad here again, which you must destroy. Then go into a store and kill anybody there. There is an AK automatic somewhere under the stairs. Go upstairs where you'll find the bosses of the Ballas gang and the Russian Mafia. The Mafioso will run away, so break your way out and get on your motorbike. There is no problem in catching up with him and shooting his car to bits.


8. Sweet Johnson - 2nd part

Sweet will contact you so go to the Ammu-Nation and buy some weapons, then go to Glendale Park, which is Ballas territory. Shoot up as many purple guys as you can until the area turns green. Hearts and bullet-proof vests appear, so don't worry about your health. When you have disposed of all the opposition, you'll get the area and it starts to earn you money. Go to your house for your payment.
The whole map will be colored according to the given gang’s territory. Your area is small and Ballas and Vangos are all around you. So when you want to increase your finances, just go to the enemy area and do a purge.
Los Sepulcros
You can get this quest between 9:00am and 5:00pm. You and Sweet have decided to kill one of the most important members of the Ballas gang. First of all you need people, so hire some (using the G key). Hire at least two guys and go to the cemetery with Sweet. Prepare your automatic and kill anybody who moves, then jump into your car and go home.

9. Los Santos Finale

Reuniting the Families
Go to the motel in order to reunite the family with Sweet, Smoke and Ryder. When you get there, Sweet will go up. Police arrive in the meantime, so run into the building to rescue Sweet. Shoot over the motel up to him and run to the roof with him. Kill four policemen in a chopper. Then run to the street where Ryder and Smoke will be waiting. There is another adrenaline hunt here. You are supposed to shoot at policemen, and it isn't a problem as you have your AK. At the end of the furious hunt, run away before the police chopper arrives and then go home on foot.
Green Sabre
Chat with Sweet. Ceasar will interrupt you with his call. You are supposed to go see him. When you arrive, sit in the car that is hidden behind a bridge. You'll find out Smoke, Ryder and a few members of the Ballas gang are working with a corrupt policeman. Go to Sweet as fast as you can to warn him about the trap. Take the nearest car and go to him. Once there, kill all Ballas members in the area. As soon as you have gotten rid of them, you are arrested and taken somewhere in the countryside.

The countryside


 1. Badlands

Go to buy some weapons into the Ammu-Nation shop and get to the designated place. When you are near the cottage, kill the man inside and take a picture of his dead body and run away.
First Date
After finishing off that quest, you’ll have a phone conversation with Cesar. A new question mark will appear on the map, which you should go to. Then get a car out and choose some of the signs and carry out the mission. It is mostly a chase. You should carry out this task, even though the others are not far from it.

2. The Truth

Body Harvest
Set to the farm. Once there, steal a combine harvester and take it to the designated place. If you’ve got weak nerves, don’t drive over people!


3. Badlands

King in Exile
A short video.
First Base, Gone Courting a Made in Heaven
Visit Catalina.

4. Catalina

You can again choose which mission you want to do. One of them you have already done, but as you can try any of the others:
Small Town Bank
Try to make all of the people in the bank keep their hands up so that the alarm doesn’t get activated. But even I wasn't successful, so just kill the security guards and then break down all ATMs and take money. Run away with Catalina by back door, policemen will start to shoot at you. After killing them, escape on your motorbikes to her hiding place.

Tanker Commander
Get into the truck in front of the company and slowly drive back to the trailer and hitch up to it. Drive to the place on the map, don't afraid of the owner and eventually knock him down.

Local Liquor Store
Go to the shop, but as you are heading there, you'll be beaten to it by some cowboys and they will manage to rob it before you. Follow them on your four wheeler and try to always go next to them so Catalina could kill them. Always when you kill some of them, take a parcel after him.

Against All Odds
Enter the betting office, fix a plastic explosive on the door and then on the safe (Explode one after the other). Avoid the policemen and get to the nearest Pay'N'Spray and get back to the Catalina’s house.

5. Badlands

Wi Zu Mu
This is a very easy race. Just don’t try to drive such as in NFS and drive carefully.
Farewell, my love
Another race, but now it is absolutely easy.

6. The Truth

Are you going to San Fierro?
Burn all grass by flame gun, when you are run out of resources, get back to the hut and restock. Then go to the car and shoot down a helicopter using the bazooka. As soon as you get rid of the helicopter, get into your car and set out for San Fierro.


San Fierro


1. Garage (beginning in San Fierro) 

Wear Flowers In Your Hair
Go with Truth to the garages in San Fierro. You’ll decide to set up your own car repair service. Truth knows several good repairmen. Get in your car and pick both repairmen and the electrician. Then go back to the base.

555 WE TIP - San Fierro C.R.A.S.H.
The policeman will contact you to say that he needs to get rid of another policeman. Go to the specified place and wait there until you see one of them drive off in his car to the underground car park. Go up to him and kill him – you’ll get his clothes – and then you must go among the remaining workers in the hotel. There you’ll see the car the car that you must steal in the intro. Three cars will arrive. There shouldn’t be problem to get into the right one.
As soon as you have it, go as fast as you can back into the garage and then head back as quick as you can and park it in the underground car park. Run in front of the hotel and wait for the animation.

Your sister complains about some builders, who work near a garage. You’ll go there and have to shoot as many builders as you can, then take one of bulldozers there and destroy all buildings. The boss is the last person to get rid of. He’s hidden in the toilet room. So move that cabin using the bulldozer into the already dug hole and fill it with concrete from mixer. Your murderous lusts have been sated.

2. Syndicate (Pleasure House – a blue skull on a map)
Photo Opportunity
Ceasar will phone you to ask you to come and visit him. The two of you will go to a small town, climb on to a roof and take a picture of some gangsters: Ryder is a member.
Woozie’ll tell you, who the pimp from the photo is and that he’s been living in San Fierro. Go to him (a blue skull on a map). You’ll get some work from him and a vehicle, which you can’t destroy. The first job is really easy; you must deliver a piece to a customer. The next one is to kill a rival pimp, protect a prostitute and then kill a reverend, who has been trying to slay prostitution. (You can’t allow anybody to think that…) The last quest involves a bit more action, shoot at the limousine and car until it detonate.
T-Bone Mendez
When you get to the right location, you’ll learn that somebody has beaten you to it and they are already away with your goods. Take your motorbike and head to the nearest guy. You have to drive to one of them and steal (the left CTRL) the parcel from their motorbike. You have to carry out this action to all four men. But watch out: when you steal the package from somebody, he will start to chase you, so sometimes it is better to get rid of him. As soon as you have all parcels, return to the club.

Mike Toreno
Take another guy with you, and go for Mike Toreno, who has been kidnapped by gangmembers, and his only hope is his cellphone, which it's battery has almost run out. So, to begin with, go to the first location, which is a building site. Another is at some docks and the last is at an airport. Get in and you'll find a body of a dead bodyguard in front of the gates there. you'll be able to take his desert eagle gun. Go to a runway. You must find the place where Mike is being held captive. You can recognize, by the strength of the signal, how far you are from Mike. He is hidden in a van and two guys on motorbikes protect it. Kill them all to rescue the prisoner. Shoot the van to pieces and get into a nearby limo. When you get over the airport gate, you'll get 3 wanted levels, so drive to a Pay N' Spray, and then to a Pleasure Dome bar. You mustn't gain any wanted levels during your journey, so drive carefully.
Outrider (there is a start of the mission by a garage)
You have to get to the petrol station, where you’ll find a 4-door sedan is waiting for you. Go there, but when you get in the car, you will start choking, but everything will clear up, so go with your new cullies to the given place. There, you’ll find a bazooka, sniper rifle and Sanchez motorbike. Get on it and go.  A red square will appear on the radar, so go there as the first one and ignore the van (for now). Your aim is to clean gangs from the way, so shoot the cars with the bazooka finish the rest with an automatic gun. Get rid of the obstacles and try to protect the van. It can’t get to them, otherwise you’ll lose it.
Snail Trail (there is a start of the mission by a garage)
Tenpenny will visit you again. You’ll chat together and find out that he needs to get rid of a journalist and his informer. So take your motorbike and go to the railway station. The aim is simple, the train will start and go in the direction of Los Santos, so you can easily follow the tracks, which lead to the Market Station in Los Santos. As soon as you are there, wait until the journalist gets off, a detection indicator will appear. Still keep sitting on your motorbike and wait. The journalist will go upstairs and call a taxi, follow him on the motorbike, but have them far enough away. Follow the taxi up to a pier, where you’ll see the journalist and his informer, prepare your sniper gun and kill them.
Ice Cold Killa
This mission can only be completed between 20:00 – 6:00. You’ll get a gun from Cesar. Get to the Pleasure Dome, but the guards won’t let you get in. There is a scaffold near a bridge, climb up and jump to a roof, from here you can get inside through a window. Go downstairs to Jizzy. After a small chat, a brawl will start, kill all the guards and run out. Shoot up his car and take his mobile phone.
Hint by ScoKing: Before you get into a house, shoot the limo wheels. Then you’ll catch it faster ;-)
Pier 69
T-Bone is waiting for you: another death sentence is needed. Go to pier 69. Your friend Ceasar has been waiting for you on a roof, so go up to him via a side-entrance. Woozie’s army will attack you, so use your sniper rifle and get rid of all of the enemies on the roof. T-Bone will call in support and Ryder will arrive too. Go down with Ceasar and kill T-Bone. Ryder will try to run away and jump into water. Swim to the boats and a water chase will start. Use an automatic gun to destroy his boat.
Toreno's Last Fight
It’s Mike Toreno’s turn now. Follow the map to a landing site, shoot your way to the top, but Toreno will fly away before you can get him. Pick up a bazooka and get into a fast vehicle. The chopper is flying along the highway. Follow it, and you should be able to shoot it with one well-aimed shot.
Yay Ka-Boom-Boom (zadání mise je u garáže)
You have to place explosives in the drug plant now. Get into your car and go to the hiding place, where you’ll get another car specially prepared for the job. Go to the plant. Shoot both guards by the gate using the sniper rifle, then go in and kill everyone you see. Park the car by tanks. Fight your way out to the gate as quick as possible out. A car will arrive: kill the crew and get into it. Go a bit further until you see a huge platform. Go up to it and jump over the containers out of the area.

3. Zero (in the map Z) 


You can carry out this quest as far as buying his shop for 30 000$
Air Raid
Take control of rotating machine gun and shoot down all planes before they drop bombs to antennas.
Supply Lines
You will be trying to shoot 5 messenger boys using a remote-controlled plane. It isn’t anything easy, because the plane is difficult to control. When you kill them, don’t forget you must have enough fuel to get back.
New Model Army
You take control of a small chopper with magnet in this mission. You’ll have to protect a vehicle, so you’ll be trying to remove barrels, get it over a bridge and place it on the specified place. Then you must pick a bomb and destroy a tank… and so on. Easy.
4. Wu Zi Mu (na mapě W)
Mountain Cloud Boys
Go to Wu Zi Mu, his personal guard will let you know that he is blind. But it’s strange that he wants to compete against you in a car race… Woozie will ask you to see him off to his base. Go there and follow the blind man, who will take you to a scene of massacre. An enemy gang will arrive after a while, so shoot them all and kill a sniper. A car chase will happen in the end, you are supposed to drive and let Woozie shoot.
Ran Fa Li
Your quest is to steal an enemy car. Go to an appropriate place into the garages at the airport and jump into the car. But the enemy will block exits on your way out, so don’t try to go through them, because you’ll only damage the buggy. Try to find a free passage through the subways and go out. Get the car to the rendezvous point.

Ran Fa Li can’t leave Woozie’s apartment, because there’s a gang waiting outside. Carl gets an idea to act as bait. Run out and get into a parked car, then go to the Angle Pine, where some guys start to hunt you down on motorbikes. You mustn’t let them to destroy one of the doors of the car, otherwise they’ll see into the car and realise that you’re just a distraction. You must get over an uncomfortable country lane and you car can’t break down or be damaged. At the end of chase, go to a petrol station and tell Woozie, that everything was okay.
Amphibious Assault
You’re only able to carry out this mission if you are a strong swimmer. If you aren’t good at swimming, run to water and get practicing! The task is simple, you must swim to a tanker and place a bomb on it. At the beginning, the game will show you where to swim and when to dive down. When you get to the open sea, you should see two ships. The crew will be able to see you, so you should try to get as much oxygen as possible and dive underwater. When you are on the tanker go to the marked place and place the bomb. When it’s done, jump into the water and swim back.

The Da Nang Thang
You’ll lose all your weapons in this mission.

This mission is easy, get into a chopper and fly out to kill a few guys on a ship. The chopper has an automatic weapon, which will come in handy. When the chopper approaches the ship and flies around it, someone with a bazooka will appear and shoot down the chopper.

You are the only survivor. Swim to the ship and kill the first guy with a knife, pick up his shotgun, climb up to the top of the boxes and kill the men. You will get also a Tec gun. When you get to a place where there’s a hole in the floor, climb down and fight your way to a cell with prisoners inside. Shoot at a lock. Go back to the hole, climb up and run the bridge. Get to Snakehead and kill him with the katana. A blue square will appear on the map, so run there. The escaped prisoners are waiting for you there, leave with them.

Note by ScoKing: If you can’t fight onto the ship armed with only a knife, try another way. When the plane falls into water, there is no rule anywhere that says you must go directly to the ship. You can swim away to get some armor and weapons :-)
5. Cesar Vialpando (by Tonda Krček)
You have to finish the driving school and buy the Wang Cars business for 50000 dollars to open these missions.
Zeroing In
Follow the checkpoints until you find a car that is being driven by women. Drive into her until she gets out of the car. Take her car and go to a garage.
Test Drive
Take a car and go with Caesar to the car shop. Follow Caesar. Police will start to chase after you, but you can very easily get rid of them. You’ll finally get to a garage after a short chase and hunting down Ceasar.
Customs Fast Track
Jump into a car and go to the destination in the docks. Sit down inside the crane and unload containers from a ship onto the marked places on the ground. When you find the right car, Caesar will drive off with it and shootout will take place. Get rid of incoming bleeders either with the crane or get out and shoot them. Then get into the car and go to the garage.
Puncture Wounds
Get into the car and go for a modified car with hidden burry straps. Chase after the car following to the map. Get ahead the car and throw out burry straps. Make them count: you only have three attempts. When you manage it, take the car and go to the garage.


1. Mike Toreno
You are supposed to go to checkpoint 35 in six and half minutes in a monster truck. Quite an easy goal, just try not to fall into the water.

Ceasar will be with you in this mission, because this one is for two people. Get on a motorbike and go to San Fierro to reach your goal. When you reach a truck, try to go close to a cabin so that Ceasar can jump into it. The truck will stop after a while, because Ceasar kicks the driver. So you can take over the driving and take the nice truck to the garage.
Choose any car (the best one is BF in front of a house) and go to the designated spot, where you pick up a bazooka and something with wheels. Then continue to a mountain, where you must save a chopper. Your enemies are red points on your radar. There are about 5 of them. As soon as they are disposed of, you’ll see the animation of a packet with money being thrown out of the chopper. So go to pick it up and take it to the garage on the map.
Verdant Meadows
Go to the airport and buy it for 80,000 dollars.
2. Airstrip

Learning to Fly
As soon as you have bought the airport, go to the place where an interview is waiting for you. Afterwards, you must start to learn to fly. Go to a display every time and it will show you a small example. The game will show you the procedure, so there is no need to write a walkthrough. The only thing I can recommend is to have strong nerves, but you’ll master it afer a while.
Get into a plane and fly to the required place. There are two problems: the first is that you have just 10 minutes (but that is all right, anyhow). The second is that the soldiers have radar. There is a meter bar which shows you how high you are. When it is at maximum, they will send air-fighters and you’ll be shot down. Try to fly as low as possible, and when you reach the given point, return to the base.

As soon as the animation is finished, start and go to an airport platform (you might not be successful the first time round, but keep on trying…). Pay attention to explosive barrels in the plane, kill guards and pick up the last one’s parachute. Then throw some explosive somewhere into a plane and jump out. Open your parachute in the air and choose a target to land on.
Black Project
Sneak to the place at the map. It doesn’t make any difference if you sneak quietly or kill everyone you meet, the alarm will go off anyway. Your task is to get to a tower. You should be able to kill a soldiers by the sniper and break the lights. Damage the fence in the marked place and jump through the hole. Kill everyone with your M4 in the first part of the area. There is a room with radar in the second yard; switch it off. Go into the room with your card, open the door and run down the stairs, killing soldiers. Pick up the Jet Pack right at the bottom and fly up to Truth, who is on a hill.
Green Goo
Use your jet pack to fly to a train and kill soldiers, then destroy all the boxes. There will be a thing with a green ray in one of them: pick it up and fly back to the airplane. Give it to Truth. This is the last part of the missions for airport. You can go to the jet pack, which is now in the front of the building, and it will earn you up to 10,000 dollars.

Las Venturas

1. Four Dragon Casino
Fender Ketchup
This mission is quite fun; you must terrify a guy by doing some tricks in a car. Drive quickly with him in the car, do special turns, and drive onto a jumping platform. But don’t try a frontal crash, it will kill him. I took him on the highway from Las Venturas to Los Santos, near the casino. When he is terrified, drive him back.
Explosive Situation
Set off to a quarry, you’ll get down after a short video. Get into the big truck at the bottom, run over all 4 boxes and take dynamite each time. There is a time limit for this action, you have only two and half minutes, but it can be done easily. When you pick up all the dynamite, a guard will block your way. The game will show you how to get out, and then you get on your motorbike and follow the red arrows. When you are almost out of the quarry, you must jump over a red fence, you should make use of a little sand hill, or you can shoot over  the guards.
You've Had You Chips
Go to the plant, climb over the fence and destroy the blue car. Then run inside, hide near containers after a while, because two guys will run out and one of them has a Spas. Then kill everyone in and then destroy all marked machines. Be careful on your way back, the guy with the Spas is quite dangerous and stands on the container. Go back to Woozi.
Don Peyote
Steal a four-door car and go to the place. Take Paul and Maccero to the Snake Farm and kill four cowboys after the animation.
Fish in Barell
This is just a video of a contract being signed.
A Home in the Hills
As soon as you jump out the plane, float onto the roof of a villa. Stay here for a while to shoot at the running men and then go into the villa. Keep on killing until you get to an entry and see a guy getting into a car and driving off. Get into a car nearby and chase him. Shoot at him with an UZI until the car explodes and you’re done.
2. Caligula's Casino - the dice on the map
Intensive Care
Go to the hospital to pick up Johnny. You’ll see that he was taken off by an ambulance. Three ambulances will appear on your map, pick one of them and follow it. Try to crash into it or shoot it, and when it doesn’t stop, but starts to scorch, it is the right one. If you didn’t choose the right one, go check the remaining ones. When you have the right one shoot or hit it, until drives get out. Kill them and drive the ambulance to given place.
The Meat Bussiness
Go with Ken to the meatpacking plant and go in. Kill everybody inside (look out Ken can’t stay in the freezer), when everybody is shot, leave the building and give a lift to Rosenberg back to the casino.
You should go to the airport to get a plane. Fly it to the target – a private jet. Try to slowly turn the plane and hit the red circle above it. We will see a cutscene and you’ll get the private jet. You need to kill four mafiosos and then the captain. And finally land the jet at the airport.
Saint Mark's Bistro
Let’s look to good old Liberty City. Go to the airport, get into a plane and fly to the specified place. You’ll see a part of snow-covered Liberty City in an animation, and then you’ll appear in a bistro and some mafiosos try to shoot you. Kill them all and continue out, get rid of the rest of them on the stairs and especially the boss (marked).
3. Madd Dogg
Madd Dogg
You’ll find Madd Dogg is planning to jump from a roof in an animation. Run for given car with boxes and back to the house. You’ll be driving forward and back to catch Madd Dogg. You must drive like this until he jumps down and you catch him. Then you must take him to the hospital, he needs to live.
4. Heist - Four Dragon Casino
Architectural Espionage
First you should find armor and a really good gun. Go to the place where you must kill a photographer and take his camera. Then go to the building, park your car or motorbike in front of it. Keep on saying “yes” to the woman at the desk in the building. Go to the top floor after talk, but you’ll notice only security is there, so go to the second floor and steal a marked machine. Run up again, take a picture of the plan and return quickly. But you will meet lots of guards, so look out! There are at about four guards, so kill them too and run out. Go quickly to the casino.
Key to Her Heart
Go to given place, where you’ll see a girl getting into a car. Follow her into a sex shop. Go into a circle in the shop and redress yourself after the animation. Follow her again up to her house. When she gets in, wait on a pedestal crossing for a guy, kill him and take the thing he has. Then go into her house and the mission is complete after an animation with dildo. But that’s not all, the main purpose of this mission is to get a card into a casino, so you must go to her and stay with her. Soon she calls you and tells you something about keys from the house. It is much better to kill her. Woozie will call you and tell you to go to her house to take the card. Do so.
Dam and Blast
Set off to the airport and take a prepared plane. Fly to the given place, which is very high. There you’ll se a ring up high, fly through it and then jump off the plane. After an animation, open your parachute and land at the given place. Pick up a knife by the container and by creeping and silent attacks, kill the two guards. Then kill everybody in the dam, and place the explosive substances on the generators. Then go to an exit, but police will catch you. You’ll see your escape into the water in an animation. That’s the mission end.
Cop Wheels
You have 12 minutes to steal four motorbikes and take them by a truck, which is circled on the highway. Two of them are in place, but the other two will start to move when you get closer to them – but that is no problem. Every time you get a motorbike, drive it into the truck. Wait for a while and go for the next one.
Up,Up and Away!
You must find a jacket and sniper gun for this mission and then go to an airport, then put on the Jet-Pack and fly to the given place. Land somewhere in secrecy on top of the tower and shoot all of the soldiers. Come to control a minigun and get rid of two army choppers. When everything is successfully liquidated get into a chopper and fly to the place on the map. When you are there, catch a panzer with a magnet and fly off with it to your airport. Lay it down and land your chopper next to the panzer.

Breaking the Bank at Caligula's
Go to the given casino, but without a gun (in your hands). Go on to the door, which is opened with a card, then go to the room with generators and throw a tear gas canister into an air-shaft. Then go on to a door, which you can again open using Millie’s card. Go to the end and sit down on a lift truck. Using the truck, raise a gateway so the other gang members can go in. You should manage this action in four minutes. After this a seven minute time limit will start – so kill enemies on the radar, but watch out for your co-workers – they must survive. Go down to a safe, where you can pick up an explosive, then go back to generators (there are two goons in the room). Put down the explosives on the generators and set them off from a safe distance. When the safe is open, take all stuff from it and get rid of all mafioso and take away your members to the van. After an animation has played, run to the elevator, watch out for the enemy on the upper floor. Go up to the roof, some chopper will want to play with you, but ignore it and run on the roves to a parachute. Jump from the roof and try to land on the opposite roof. If you don’t manage it, nothing happens: just somehow get to your airport. You’ll get a really nice reward.
5. Tenpenny a Pulaski

Go to the designated place, but don’t go exactly to the point. Stop before the place and go on by foot to the hill end. Sneak until you see a cottage, where you kill that person and pick up his case. Done.
High Noon
Just before you get out into the circle, prepare your gun to have it ready for the action immediately after the animation has ended. As soon as the animation is finished, shoot out Pulaski’s car tires. Than use your UZI and improve all change when he stops. You will follow him over a half of the desert, so destroy his car as fast as possible and when he gets out of the car, run over him.


1. Madd Dogg’s villa
Vertical Bird
When you get a villa, you’ll be given a quest by Toren. Get in a car and go to a ship, then sail to the air-craft carrier. You should see a set of closing doors, so hurry up! Get in and make your way to a SAM control centre and switch off defense. Get into a hangar following the map and steal the Hydra. Control keys are NUM8 and NUM2.

Fly to the dockside. Once there, set the jet nozzles to vertical (hover) and use the jets to blow up each of the ships. Take the plane to a hangar you’ve bought. Now the Hydra is yours. If it doesn’t appear in your hangar, you can take a new one from the nearby military base.
Home Coming
Go back to Sweet’s house, there are lots of dealers and Ballas’ people around, it is time to clean the streets of dirty. Take some automatic guns and kill all dealers and then start with Ballas. That will start a war. Destroy all enemies as they arrive in several waves, extra ammunition and health will appear, so don’t worry. Kills all the gangsters, and you will be the winner.

Cut Throat Business
Madd Dogg has a fued with OG Loc as he’s been using his rhymes. Go with Madd Dogg to OG, who is being interviewed. When you get to the appropriate place, a change on hovercraft will happen. He’ll escape on water, then on land and then he’ll take a kart. You don’t have to kill OG Loc it is enough to follow him. The chase will end by a recording studio, where OG gets it warm.
2. Grove Street - Sweet
Beat Down on B-Dup
You, Sweet and several of other green boys from the street go to the Glen Park, where you must again kill Ballases to start a war. When you kill off enough number of the enemy, the animation will start. There you’ll see a house, in which a local gang boss stays, go there and kill everything what moves.
Grove 4 Life
Next, a territorial fight. So - together with Sweet - go to enemy areas and take control of at least two of them. Then give Sweet lift home.
3. Riots
Just take Sweet back home and get out of the way of exploding cars.

Los Desperados
Cesar will ask you for some help. At the beginning, hire a few green gangsters (point at them and press G or H). Together with him, go to his gang at the railway station. Go to the conquered area of Vangos gang and kill all enemy gangs bit by bit. The only problem could be the man with a rocket launcher, otherwise nothing serious.
End of the Line
Čas zúčtování. K získání této mise je nutné obsadit aspoň určité množství území. Až jich dostatečně obsadíte, tak běžte ke Sweet a dostanete úkol. Jeďte na požadované místo, kde zrovna probíhá večírek jen pro zvané. Nebudete však puštění dovnitř, takže poblíž najdete bojové vozidlo od SWAT, který šlohněte a prorazte přední obranu, uvnitř se dejte do budovy. V budově je spousta nepřátel, prostřílejte se jimi až k Smokie, kterému nakrmte čerstvým olovem do těla. Pokračujte v cestě, spustí se animace a pak 7 minut na útěk z budovy. Někde poblíž najdete hasičák, který vám pomůže překonat oheň, nepřátel si moc nevšímejte, normálně to proběhněte ven. Až se dostanete ven, tak uvidíte, jak Sweet se veze na hasičském voze, takže naskočte do auta, který náhodou tam stojí a jeďte za nim. Po čase se objeví požadavek, abyste najeli tak blízko, aby Sweet mohl skočit na vaše auto. Sweet se chopí řízení a na vás zbyl samopal, takže koste po vše co se za vámi honí a pak už jen konec.



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