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Weapons AnhHai | translated by: Kajlin & Alix | 12.11.2006


The Map of Weapons


Here you can find weapons, safety jackets, police bribes, cameras, thermo visions and parachutes.
Update: October 26: +10 police stars, 6 vests and 2 objects
Update: October 22: one jacket was added (thanks Miroslav Šťástek)
Update: October 12: another 25 objects added (thanks Davpe)
Update: October 8: 7 objects were drawn in  

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A) Weapons for close fighting

1. Fist

The beginning weapon, but otherwise useless.

2. Boxer

Little bit better than your fist. This weapon can be found under the bridge close to your home.

3. Basseball bat

Good for hitting heads, but isn’t very effective.

4. Nightstick

These clubs are owned by the police of San Andreas. If you want to get this weapon, kill a policeman.

5. Pool Cue 

It might be found in a bar with a billiard table. It has the same properties as a basketball bat and other dull weapons.

6. Cane

It isn’t for helping you walk, but for thrashing the walkers.

7. Shovel 

Except of funeral activities, can also be used for threshing the people. One can be found in the garden of Ryder’s house.

8. Knife 

A weak thrusting weapon, practically only a cosmetic complement for a killer.

9. Golf club

Threshing of heads and other acts connected with killing.

10. Katana 

Katana is samurai’s sword of high quality. You can kill with it more people suddenly and happily cut off their heads.

11. Chainsaw
Daddy of all weapons for short distance. It’s an invaluable helper during attacks from a ton of rivals at once. Unfortunately, it is quite heavy, so you can’t run with it.

B) Pistols

1. Colt 9mm 

A very widespread gun, and the sources of its bullets are almost unlimited. If you get a level HITMAN, then you’ll get the second one and the capacity will be increased at 34 bullets.

2. Silenced 9mm 

Is best for a stealth missions, relatively exact and strong.

3. Desert Eagle 
The strongest gun, its bullets are difficult to find and it is rarity to meet with them.

C) Sub-machine guns for motorbike

1. Uzi 

A popular gun in Ballas Gang. A great automatic with the capacity of 50 bullets. If you get the level HITMAN, then you’ll get the second one and the capacity will be increased at 100 bullets.

2. Tec
The similar to the Micro Uzi, but it’s a favorite of gangs from Goove Street. 


3. MP5 

A strong automatic on motorbike, but unfortunately 30 bullets is quite few, but the effect is adequate. 


D) Shotguns

1. Sawnoff Shotgun


One shot can kill anybody, but the loading time is quite long. If you get a level HITMAN, you’ll get the second one into your hand and the capacity will be increased at 4.

2. Shot-gun 


A common shotgun available in all police cars. Just get into and you’ll get a gun and 5 shots. But because of a long loading time, it isn’t so good.

3. Spas 12

It can shoot 7 shots without loading. This is a lethal weapon, therefore get it as fast as possible.

E) Attack rifles

1. AK-47


A strong gun, there is no need to use it because there are much better ones.

2. M4 

Stronger and better than the AK-47, with capacity of 50 bullets hasn’t got a rival. It comes in use for street fights or against strong rivals.

F) Rifles

1. Rifle (Winchester 70)


An exact and strong gun, good for a long distance. You can get this one in the mission, where you have to steal a harvester.

2. Snipe rifle

 One shoot = one kill.

G) Projectile weapons

1. Grenade 

It’s good for cars and groups of people. But be careful! It can kill also you. 


2. Tear Gas 


It is best against the living aims, no effect on cars. 

3. Molotov Cocktail

Fire tubes are great weapon against the cars and the people.

4. Explosive substances 

Ideal for ataching to anything and launching from safe distance.

H) Mass destruction weapon

1. Flame Thrower 


Strong but only for shorter distances. I used this weapon only one time in the mission where Truth and I had to set fire to the grass, but otherwise no purpose.

2. Vulcan Mini Gun 

A great, cool gun. Strong, fast, deadly. This weapon can be found by a railway bridge near San Fierro.

3. Rocket Launcher - Bazooka

A common rocket gun, good for choppers.

4. RPG

An upgraded rocket gun with the possibility of a homing missile.

I) Items

1. Spray Can 

It is good only for repainting a tag on the wall, but for no other purpose. But also this thing can be toxic, if you keep spraying it at your rival.

2. Camera 

Expect taking screen shots during the game to be used in the mission in San Fierro, where you have to take pictures of certain objects.  

3. Night Vision and Thermal Goggles


As the title says, it is used especially for night missions.


4. Fire Extinguisher 


You can use it for killing people, but it’s better for fire extinguishing.

5. Parachute 

If you enjoy jumping from planes or high skyscrapers, you’d better take this back-pack, otherwise you’ll be kissing the hard ground.

6. Jetpack 

It’s a means of transport, although it’s slow, you can shoot from it.

7. Mobile phone :



A useful thing already known from Vice City. Due to it, you can phone your friends and family. But every now and then, you could be contacted by somebody who wants your services.

J) Other useful stuff

1. Dildo 1 and Dildo 2 

It is used for picking up girlfriends.

2. Vibrator 1 and Vibrator 2 

It is used for picking up girlfriends.

3. Flower 

It is used like a gift for girls, but remember, when you want to give it to somebody, you must press TAB.



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