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WT - How to Make a Video? Jakub Dvořák | translated by: Kajlin & Alix | 06.10.2007

Do you want to make your own video from GTA: San Andreas or from another game? No problem. There are lots of programs that can do it, but only a few of them can record 3D backgrounds in games. One of the programs that can do it, that doesn’t overload your computer, is Fraps.


The first thing to do is to download this program from here::

After the installation, start the program and the main menu will open. It offers not only video-making, but also a Screenshot option that takes in-game photos. 


pic. 1- the main screen of the FRAPS


I am only going to describe making videos here, if you don’t know how to take screenshots, read the article about screenshots.



Click on the Movies tab. Under pic. 2, there is a description of the most important options for recording videos.

pic. 2 – FRAPS:  Movies Tab



1. This is where you can choose the folder that you want your movie to be saved to. It can be changed by clicking the Change button. The View button shows you the contents of the current folder of the path you specified that the movie will be saved to.

2. This is where you can set the option of what button you have to press to start recording the video. You shouldn’t use set buttons such as Space bar, Numerical keyboard, arrow keys and so on, because they are often used in the game. I have set it to Scroll Lock, that I never use in games :o)

3. Record Sound – when you tick this button, Fraps record also sound, when you tick it off, you’ll have video without sound.  
And now just start the game and press the chosen key (in my case Scroll Lock), when you want to record the video. When you want to finish recording, press the same key.


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