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Your Own Music Jakub Hladík | translated by: Kajlin & Alix | 24.10.2007

Open the "Documents" folder.
(C:/Documents or C:/Documents and Settings/user_name/Documents).

When you see the GTA San Andreas User Files folder, (If you’ve installed the game, you SHOULD see it) open it, then open the User Tracks subfolder and look up any music in formats MP3, WMA or OGG.


Now start up the game. In Options -> Audio Setup -> User Track Options set: 

Play Mode: Radio
(The best choice, but you can, of course, choose what you like)
Automatic Media Scan: On

And now click on Scan User Tracks, due to it the game will load music from the User Tracks folder (next time the game will do it by itself) 


And now you can switch the game on and play ;). After getting on the car (chopper, plane, motorbike, ship…) set “your” radio by the key R (or the mouse scroll). Your own radio is called: User Track Player

I haven’t already found out how to set the music to start playing after getting into the car, but when I or someone else finds it, I’ll write it here.

Your own music - due to links to the folder 

This tip is common knowledge, because its shorter description is also in the game. Unfortunately it is so inconspicuous that you can easily overlook it. So if you want to have your own music in the game, it isn’t necessary to copy whole music folders, you can only create links to your songs and put them into the folder User Tracks in GTA SA User Files.
It’ll save your time and also space on your disc. The tip was sent by: Robo Haladej.




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