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Clothes Michal Deus | 22.09.2011

There aren't many clothes in the game, but just enough to mention.
1) Everyday Outfit

Location: Ocean View Hotel, Vercetti Estate (your villa)
Availability: from the beginning of the game

2) Evening Wear

Location: Trade Raffaels at Ocean Beach
Availability: After "The Party" mission

3) Golf attire
Location: At the golf club
Availability: after the "Four Iron" mission

4) Thief coveralls

Location: Club Malibu
Availability: After "The Job" mission (for Malibu)

5) Mr. Vercetti

Location: Collar and Cuffs at the Ocean Beach
Availability: After completing the game story

6) Frankie

Location: Your villa (Vercetti Estate)
Availability: after completing the whole game (100%)

7) Tracksuit

Location: Next to the Pizza in Downtown
Availability: after opening the third island

8) Hawaii outfit

Location: Shop in Little Havana (but you can not get there)
Availability: After the "Two Bit Hit" mission

9) Overalls

Location: shopping centre in North Point
Availability: After the "Riot" mission

10) Police uniform

Location: Police Station in Washington Beach
Availability: After the "Land of the Cops" mission

And at the end, a map of the clothing locations (click to enlarge):




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