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Easter Eggs Štefan Šmihla | translated by: amozoneSK & Alix | 22.09.2011

Just like in GTA3, there are a few easter eggs in Vice City too. You can enlarge the image by clicking on it.

Easter egg


This egg is located in a window on the roof of the VNC building. You can jump normally through the window. There's an Easter egg on the pedestal.


Thanks to Superman 2 for the screenshot

Rockstar Video Games store

This egg is located in Ocean Beach near the Ocean Beach Hotel and the Pole Position Club. You can see GTAIII on the shop window.



There are two of them. One is between Downtown and Leaf Links in the underwater rocks and the other is in the water at Washington beach.

R* pool

You can find a pool in the form of R* on StarFish island.
R* in sewer


There are two R* logos in a  Little Haiti sewer. Sent by Robert

Rockstar Games advertisements

You can find them here:

a. Vendors in Ammu-Nation shop wear R* shirts
b. Aircrafts have R* logo painted on them
c. Some people wear clothes with R* logo



screenshot of day

Screenshot dne
Flying bike - Filip Žazo


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