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Game Walkthrough GTA Honza Svatoš | translated by: Alix & Ricky | 27.04.2014

Story missions

1. In the Beginning

Our story begins around 1986, when the Mafia decides to break into the drug business throughout the area, even in the Southern area. Your boss, Sony, sends you with Ken to do the first trade. Unfortunately, the trade fails: you fall into a trap and lose both the drugs and the money. After the opening intro of a firefight, you say goodbye to Ken and get into your car. Go to the Ocean View Hotel (it is marked with a small pink square on the map - it will later be the place where you can save your game and it is marked with a small pink cassete). Enter the hotel and go to the staircase to another symbol. You try to explain to Sony by phone that it was a trap and that you couldn’t do anything. But Sony doesn’t care; he wants his money back!

You have no other option but to try to get the money back and find culprits. From the hotel, you go back to Ken, who has his own law office (marked with a letter J on the map). But it’s impossible to get the money back without the right contacts in the underworld. So Ken sends you to a party that takes place on the yacht of Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez, who may give you some advice. You should change your clothes to something smarter- you can buy a suit in Rafael’s shop, marked with a small T-shirt on the map. After changing, the game creators  offer you a novelty in a GTA: VC - riding a motorbike. If you want to try riding a motorbike, you can borrow it from the kind man who brought it to you. By motorbike, car, or on foot, go to the place marked on the map, to the pier number 2 where the yacht is moored.

2. The Party (Ken Rosenberg, L)

You’ll meet the host, Cortez, at the party who will introduce his daughter Mercedes to you. She will show you around the yacht and tells you about all important people in the underworld. After Diaz arrives, she will ask you to take her to the Pole Position club in the city.

Reward: 100 $

3. Back Alley Brawl (Ken Rosenberg, L)

Ken Rosenberg will send you to an Englishman named Kent Paul, who is in the Malibu Club. Find this place on the map and enter… During a friendly conversation (where Kent finds himself on the floor), you hear that you should talk to the chef, in a back alley on Ocean Drive. After the animation, you kill him in a brawl and take his phone. Lance appears, offers to cooperate, and gives you a weapon. At the same time, three furious cooks appear. Lance runs away and you follow him. You can run by pressing the Shift key. Follow Lance to his car and get in.  He will drive. Take Lance to the weapon shop (Ammu-nation). The purchasing weapons process will be explained to you. If you are interested and have money, you can step out of the car and buy something. If not, go back to the hotel, where Lance leaves you.
Tip: If you don’t have much time, don’t bother talking or fighting with the chef, just run him over with the car…
Tip 2: If you want to get a chopper, kill the cooks that are following you.

Reward: 200 $

4. Jury Fury (Ken Rosenberg, L)

At the end of the animation, Ken will send you to two members of the jury and you should make them change their mind. You can do it by improving bodywork on their cars. A hammer or another similar tool will come in handy. But where can you find it? After the animation ends, you’ll see this isn’t an unsolvable problem. Find a vehicle and go to the place marked with a yellow square on the map. Beat the car with a hammer until it catches fire, then step back. After it explodes, shout some good advice to the running judge.
Go to the place marked with a yellow triangle. This is an easy job, the car even doesn’t have to explode, just strip it of plates…
Tip: You can use another method with the first car. Hit the judge’s head with a hammer. He gets into the car and starts driving away, but he will crash. Now you can liquidate the car easily.
Tip 2: If another car (for example the one you arrived in) explodes with the second car, you don’t have to use a hammer.

Reward: 400 $

5. Riot (Ken Rosenberg, L)

Avery Carrington, the owner of a construction company, visits Ken. He has a small job for you. Go to Rafael for a chic outfit and go to the place marked on the map. Your task is to cause a riot in a striking crowd. You can do it when you hit four workers with a hammer (if you still have it) or your fists. A brawl will break out, the gate will open and security guard will run out. Don’t wait till workers or security guard hit you, enter the fenced yard. There are three trucks which are begging to be destroyed. If you have a gun, shoot at the barrels filled with explosives, which does the destruction for you. If you don’t have a gun, steal a car and drive away with it to be destroyed elsewhere (for example, by throwing it down into the water - over the bridge and to the right, there is a banister missing at Washington Beach).
Tip: Park all three cars next to the one of barrels with explosives, then one shot will do…
Tip 2: A shotgun is good for shooting at barrels - you can get one easily, just get into a police car (the nearest is at Washington Beach - behind the bridge, close to the Spand Express).

Reward: 1 000 $

6. Four Iron (Avery Carrington, A)

This is the first job for Avery. Your task is to kill an inconvenient person who is  playing golf at the golf course (at least he doesn’t play it at the ice arena ;-)). Go find golf clothes to blend in. You can find some in the Jocksport shop. Let’s play! Go through the security gate, which will take guns from you, but you still have items to stab people with. If you don’t have any, there is a golf club behind the right corner. Find the victim according the map, but be wary of the security guard. Elimination is up to you… If a victim tries to drive away in a golf cart, follow him by the same way, and push him into the lake.
Tip: You can get into the golf course with guns, if you drive your car to the left of the entrance and leap over the fence.
Tip 2: If you don’t want to chase in golf carts, push them into the water before attacking.
Tip 3: If you don’t catch the victim at the golf course, don’t worry. The victim will drive to the entrance after a few laps around the course and jumps into a waiting car with a driver. You might be luckier on the roads in the city…

Reward: 500 $

7. Demolition Man (Avery Carrington, A)

Mr. Carrington will mention to you in his limousine that he needs to get rid of one building. This task will be focused on your dexterity. You have to operate a remote-controlled helicopter. According to the map, find the TopFun van which is about 200 meters to the left.
You probably expect me to tell you how to control the helicopter. All right then:  the helicopter is difficult to control. Pick up the first explosive with a mini helicopter and the countdown will start. Yes, this is a timed mission; you have about 7 minutes to place four bombs on all floors. You can place them when you fly over the barrels, that are marked in pink, and drop the explosive (left mouse button). Then go back for another explosive. Easy. I recommend starting with the top floor and to eliminate workmen and shooting security guard on the way. You can do it with a propeller, just direct it on the attacker. Use the helicopter gently, because after some hits, it could explode and you would have to start from the beginning…
Tip: You should learn how to fly before you pick up the first explosive.
Tip 2: If workmen and security guard irritate you, don’t pick up the explosive, but first, fly to the building and crush them with the propeller. Then go for the first explosive and the countdown begins. Tip sent by Zelda.

Reward: 1 000 $

8. Treacherous swine (Colonel Cortez, C)

Colonel Cortez, your friend on the yacht, wants you to do a favor for him, which he will pay you well for, and you will even help with investigate of the disappearance of your, I mean Sony’s, money. So why not to help him? The colonel wants you to kill Gonzales with a chainsaw. Find Gonzales’ hideout according to the map. Gonzales is not really hiding; it’s the other way around. He’s having fun at the pool on the roof of a luxurious hotel. Enter the hotel, get rid of security guard, and kill Gonzales. If he runs outside, never mind, you can catch up with him even faster outside.
Tip: It is not true that Gonzales has to be killed with a chainsaw. It is okay if a car runs him over, preferably your car  :-)

Reward: 250 $

9. Mall Shootout (Colonel Cortez, C)

You are sent for a delivery that takes place on the first floor of the shopping mall in Ocean Beach, opposite the hospital. The courier with a strong French accent is about to hand you a pilot case with stolen chips when a SWAT unit attacks. The courier gets scared and runs away. Follow him. He will get on one of the two motorbikes and rides  off. Follow him on the second motorbike. As soon as possible, knock down the Frenchman and kill him. Pick up the pilot case and take it quickly back to the port, to Cortez.
Tip: While climbing on the motorbike, the courier doesn’t like bullets in his back. You’ll save a lot of time that way.

Reward: 500 $

10. Guardian Angels (Colonel Cortez, C)

You help with a delivery again. You are paid as a security guard for Diaz. Go to the marked place on the map to pick up a weapon. It is a Kruger, an automatic rifle, which has first-person aiming (you can turn it on by pressing the right mouse button). After you’ve finished checking out your  new gun, Lance appears in his white Inferno. Get in and, using the map, go to the delivery location. Take a tactical position on the staircase, crouch down (the C key) and keep an eye on the delivery. Then the problems start. Defend and protect both Diaz and Lance. If one of them dies, the mission ends. After you kill off all raiders in cars, two members of the Cuban gang show up on motorbikes. One of them picks up the pilot case and drives away. The second one is shot and falls down. You have to take his bike and chase the first bastard. Catch him, shoot him, and pick up the case. Take it to Diaz to the delivery location and be praised, that is all. Diaz will promise to see you soon. After a while, he will call and will invite you to Starfish Island, which is now opened to you.
Tip: It sounds complicated, but it is very easy. Just watch all the directions the Cubans can come from.

Reward: 1 000 $

11. The Chase (Ricardo Diaz, D)

The new boss is quite a psycho, but what is important is that he has money that you need badly for Sony. Diaz will send you after the man who is stealing from him. According to the map, go to the house where the bastard lives. Peek inside…No one’s home… But when you turn back around, you will see him upstairs, running away. Don’t shoot him, just follow him. He runs over the roofs to the end of the block of houses and then he jumps down over the container. He gets into his accomplice’s car and they start driving away. Take a small scooter, which is parked next to the container, and chase them. They will shoot at you, so keep your distance and take cover behind cars. If they hit your tire, I recommend stealing a car. During the chase, you will circle the mall and drive over the bridge to Prawn Island, where they stop by the first villa on the right and they run into the house. The mission is complete. Now we know it is the dirty Puerto Rican gang.
Tip: If you shoot the shooter from the car, he will get into another car and you just have to follow him.

Reward: 1 000 $

12. Phnom Penh ´86 (Ricardo Diaz, D)

It’s time to go to the Puerto Ricans for what belongs to Diaz. You will get in the helicopter with Lance, get a weapon, and fly to Prawn Island. On the way, you can learn how to hit various targets, so you should be as prepared as possible for what is waiting for you. There is a small war on Prawn Island, you against the whole gang. Eliminate all living targets from the helicopter, bullets are unlimited, so don’t worry about accurate aiming. After eliminating everyone and everything, Lance will drop you by the villa where the thief from the previous mission disappeared. Go carefully to the entrance, stop inside and kill off the whole hall. The last defender is waiting at the end of a staircase. Only he separates you from the case and the way back to Lance…
Tip: If you have low health, you can find some behind you after landing, by the fountain. If you have few shields/armor, go down the hill to the film studio. There is a fence opposite the studio entrance where you can find armor.

Reward: 2 000 $
If everything goes as planned, the whole island will be available to you. You can choose for whom you will do missions, if for Diaz, Aver, or Colonel. It is also possible to go to a phone for the first phone mission. The walkthrough continues at Diaz:

13. The Fastest Boat (Ricardo Diaz, D)

Ricardo Diaz does business in various areas, so it is no surprise that he wants to capture the fastest boat. You can find it in the boathouse in Vice Port (the southern part of the new island). Kill the guard and get closer to the boat. The animation will show you that the boat has to be let down in the water and untied. The switch is in the hall. A small firefight follows again, which you should handle easily. Run to the boat, jump into it, and go to Starfish Island to the residence of Ricardo Diaz.
Tip: I recommend having full health and armor. If the police chase you on the boat, don’t fight with them, just go around them.

Reward: 4 000 $

14. Supply & Demmand (Ricardo Diaz, D)

This is another mission for Diaz. In the animation, you will get in the boat, which you stole in the previous mission. You drive and Lance will shoot. As fast as possible, and according to the map, get to the goods yacht. The opponents will be four slower boats, which are little ahead of you. Drive carefully to not get stuck. If you arrive first to the yacht, you will change positions with Lance and go back. Now your task is to shoot at enemies. First, shoot the boat, then at the right wharf, then at one helicopter, and at the end, at a boat again. Now just go to Diaz and that’s all…
Tip: As a driver, drive really carefully, even brake slightly at corners.  On the straight, you will show your ass to the opponents. I mean stern :-)

Reward: 10 000 $

15. Sir, Yes Sir ! (Colonel Cortez, C)

Colonel invites you to ask you for help getting a tank. Easy, right? By coincidence, a military parade goes by the waterfront in Little Havana and there is a tank. Go to that place and destroy the protection of a tank. How should you do it? There are many possibilities. Of course you need a weapon, full health, and maximum shield. I did it this way: I blocked the convoy with a car then I drove around with a second car and ran over running soldiers. Those who didn’t run and get run over were shot. The most important soldier is the one sitting on the tank. Until you kill him, you can’t get in the tank. If he is dead and no one else threatens you, get in the tank. You throw out the driver, you don’t have to be afraid of him, and drive away quickly, so he can’t throw you out. You have to go to the garage in Little Havana with the tank, the lifespan of which is decreasing. You don’t have to hurry or avoid the police that will keep attacking you and trying to block your way. The tank will not explode. Watch its lifespan and go slowly to the destination. Go to the garage and when the door opens, go inside. Get off, go outside the garage, and the mission is complete.
Tip: You can use a Blitzkrieg. Just get to the convoy, shoot the soldier on the tank, get inside and don’t worry about the attacking soldiers. If you are lucky, this will work. But you miss the firefight ;-)

Reward: 2 000 $

16. Death Row (Paul Kent, K)

The beginning of this mission is with Paul Kent in the Malibu Club (the letter K). Diaz captured Lance and is holding him at the garbage dump on the other side of the city. Find a fast car, 100% armor and a great gun. Go to the dump and smash the barricade at the entrance with a good hit. You will kill a few bastards by it and you can pick up some good Kruger guns. Move ahead carefully, but quickly, to the yellow mark on the map. Lance is in the back, in a shed, tied to a chair. On the way, watch out for shooters who are behind every corner, even on the work machines. If you kill all of them in time, you will save Lance. The animation follows, in which you will find out that Diaz is the beast who killed Lance’s brother and got you into trouble with that failed drug delivery. Get in the car by the shed and take Lance to the hospital in Downtown. When you leave the gates of the dump, Diaz’ guys start chasing you in cars. You can beat with them with driving skills, use shortcuts, or lead them into a blind alley and shoot them. It doesn’t matter which way you use, it is important to get to the hospital and drop Lance off. In the animation, you strike a deal about next steps against Diaz and the mission is complete.

Reward: 0 $

17. Rub Out (Ricardo Diaz, Lance, D)

It is time to kill Diaz and take over his business. You’ll go to the meeting with Lance, which takes place in front of Diaz’ house on Starfish Island. Lance will give you a proper weapon and you go hunting. Diaz is in his office on the first floor of the villa. The front door is locked, so you have to go around the villa and get inside by the pool. Of course, you will be bothered by a static guard who you can easily eliminate. Warning- Lance goes with you, but he is not a great help. Not only will he not hit anybody, but you also have to watch his health. Get inside the villa through the guards, turn right by the pool, and get to the staircase along the corridor. Go to the first floor- again watch out for the ever-present guards. When you are close to Diaz’ office and kill the guards, Diaz will appear. When he appears, shoot him! He can withstand more than the guards, maybe he’s wearing fat armor?
An animation of you saying good night to Diaz and the villa is yours.

Reward: 50 000 $

The villa or Tommy’s house: consider it your base now. You can save your game here. An Infernus and a Stretch limo are standing in front of the house, there is a helicopter on the roof, and you can store two cars in the garage. On the ground floor, you will find a vest, health, and a few weapons. Moreover, there are weapons in front of the house by the handrail and the second helicopter by the pool, depending on what pack you have. After finishing the game (100%), you can hire a three-member security team for the ground floor.
New missions are also revealed here (the letter V), but firstl, let’s finish the story line of the game:

18. Two Bit Hit (Avery Carrington, A)

This is the last mission for Avery. Go to Little Havana for Cuban clothes and then go to the meeting place. The Hawaiian gang is waiting by the local pizzeria. The person you have to kill is marked with an arrow. The best strategy is to break the barrier with the Voodoo car and driver. Stop in front of the hearse and block its way. Now the Hawaiians think a Cuban has attacked them. Let them think that and shoot them without mercy. The most important target escapes, gets in the hearse, and starts getting away. In that case, take the nearest vehicle and chase him. Be careful, every so often a coffin filled with explosives falls out the hearse. These explosives can damage your car, so go around them. Get ahead of the escapee’s car, block it, and shoot him. If you succeed, the mission is completed and we are off to help Cortez.
Tip: You can only see the hearse in this mission. It can’t be found anywhere else in the game!
Tip 2: In my version of the game, a Cuban disguise couldn’t be picked out again. Maybe this is a bug?

Reward: 2 500 $

19. All Hands on Deck! (Colonel Cortez, C)

Cortez doesn’t feel safe anymore and wants to pull up anchor to leave in his yacht. He asks you to help him escape. And it’s a good thing because right after leaving the pier, two limousines full of Frenchmen arrive who want the colonel alive or dead. Your task is clear: fend off the enemy attack and survive. On the deck, health and a weapon appear. Nevertheless, you run out of ammunition quickly. The first wave is easy, three boats with crew. The second wave is worse; it appears when you reach the bridge, where a few boats will block you. If you have some time during your defense duty, you can make a path for the yacht by shooting and sinking a few boats.
The last attack is led by two ordinary helicopters and a military Apache. After you eliminate them, the way is clear and the yacht sets out for open sea. The colonel thanks you, drops you off on his favorite boat, and asks you to keep an eye on Mercedes (his daughter, not his car). 
Tip: Only one tip - before entering the yacht, get a proper armory. It will be much easier.

Reward: 5000 $

20. Shake Down (Vercetti, V)

If you want to be an important person in town and get more money, you have to show everybody who’s the boss. Let’s start with intimidation. You have 5 minutes to get to the shopping mall, according to the map, and smash up all the marked shop windows there. You gain respect and protection money.
Tip: The shop windows can be smashed with automatic guns, but explosives, like grenades, will also do the trick.

Reward: 2 000 $ and opportunity to buy commercial buildings

21. Bar Browl (Vercetti, V)

One of the owners of a bar misbehaves and doesn’t want to pay, because he is already paying off another guard. You have to convince him and eliminate the rival. Take two helpers to a car and go to Washington Beach. There is a two guards in front of the bar who you can run over with the car. But if you prefer guns, get out of the car and shoot. In the animation, the owner tells you he doesn’t care who he pays but he has a contract with DBP Security, which you can find two blocks to the north. Now you have 5 minutes to eliminate all the armed men in the yard of that security service. If you have a grenade, throw it under their car and finish off those who remain. Another option is to go up the opposite staircase and shoot the enemies one by one. When you or your helper kills the last member of DBP, the explosion will be heard and two bikers run away. You again have two options. Either you knock them down while they are still on bikes or you can wait until they reach the lighthouse and get off the bikes. I wonder what they are doing at the lighthouse…maybe they are watching the sea and the sunset. :)
Reward: 5 000 $
22. Cop Land (V)

While wandering around the villa, you come across Lance scolding one of your men, because he fucked something up in the supermarket in the northern part of the city. It is clear that only you and Lance can put it right, but it won’t be so easy, because the place is very well-guarded by many policemen and the entrance is even protected by soldiers. The only way is to dress up as a cop and sneak right in front of them. How should you do it? Go to the Vice Point marked garage. Make a mess, beat people and destroy cars, until you arouse the interest of the cops. Reach the second wanted level and lead the cops into the open garage. A short animation and you are coming out as dressed in police uniforms. Get in the police car, which is parked behind the garage, and set off for the supermarket. Inconspicuously and with a smile on your face, go to the cafe where you can place an explosive. And now you have 5 seconds to run away from the massive explosion!
Your wanted level immediately rises to 5 stars and it will be really difficult to avoid barricades on the roads and the swarm of cops. So if you can, collect bonus stars and if you can’t, find a civilian car and go to a Respray Shop. But the true champions don’t care about the stars or cops and go to their destination, which is your villa, of course. I just want to remind you that you have to complete the whole mission with Lance so protect him and don’t drive away, even though he deserves it sometimes.

Reward: 10 000 $, fulfillment of Protection Ring (you will get up to 5 000 a day at the villa) and a police uniform will be delivered to the Ocean Beach police station (it comes in handy, remember it!)

Now it is time to buy all the commercial buildings in the city and complete all quests and missions in it. In the second part of the walkthrough, you can learn how to do it. Firstly, we should tell what happens after you finish everything. One the phone, you find out that Sony stopped waiting for the money and sent his boys to take it.

23. Cap the Collector (V)

Now it is about time to go ahead with foresight. Sony sent his collectors to take money from your businesses. A couple is riding an off-road motorbike and your task is to eliminate them. It starts at the Boatyard - on the dock. Get in a fast car or on a fast bike and follow them quickly. If you catch up to them on the road, knock them down and run them over. If they manage to get off the bike, use a gun. When you finish them, another couple appears. And then one more couple shows up. So there are three couples total. After a while, a phone rings…

Reward: 30 000 $

24. Keep Your Friends Close (V)

I’ll give you a piece of advice at the beginning of this - save your game in your office. This mission usually can’t be completed in the first try. Anyway, it is time to end it with Sony. You will try to pay him off with fake money, but it doesn’t work, because Sony already heard from one of your men that the real money is in a safe in your office. Sony won’t tolerate this and sends a pack of mafia members to you. After the animation, you take control. The best way is to stay in the office and shoot the coming enemies one by one. After you shoot about eight people, Lance calls you from outside. Yes, he is the traitor who is now on Sony’s side. Get out the office and you will see him on the right side, above the staircase. Go to him, shoot at him, and then follow him. After you force him to go up the stairs, I recommend going downstairs to the cellar, take health, a shield, and a weapon. Go upstairs, to the roof. There is a trap waiting for you - Lance and his colleagues are hiding behind barrels. Another tip: when you get to the roof, don’t hesitate - go forward and to the right, toward the heliport, on which you can climb and from above, shoot the mafia members one by one. Lance will be the last one as an icing on the cake. You can’t kill him sooner anyway. After you eliminate him, go back to your office where Sony’s men are looting your safe (you can see it on the money counter). Shoot them and go downstairs where Sony is. The last battle - kill him!!!

Tip: During this mission, you can find health, armor, and a Colt with many bullets in the small room to the left of the main stairs. And the best thing - after a while these things renew, so you can come back continually.

Tip2: You can easily kill Sony when you run out the office, follow Lance, go downstairs, and catch Sony off-guard from the side. You will be sheltered the whole time and won’t be such an easy target as you would be on the main staircase.
Closing credits, it would be an act of respect to the game authors to watch it to the end…

The game is not finished, of course. It is necessary to complete it on 100% and to finish all quests.

Reward: 30 000 $ 




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