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Gangs Štefan Šmihla | translated by: Alix & amozoneSK | 23.10.2011

Note: I did the description of the gangsters after finishing the game at 100%. At the beginning, these gangsters may have different territory and respect.

1) Street gang


Boss: Unknown
Car: Gang Burrito
Description: This is a rather riotous gang. Their walls and old delivery trucks are tagged and pretty destroyed. They like drugs.
Where: Prawn Island
Weapons: fist, Colt 45

2) Haitian gang

Boss: Auntie Paulet
Car: Voodoo
Description: This gang is quite formidable. In later stages of the game, they'll start to hate you and be will be aggressive. Their main opponent is the Cuban Gang, whose territories they controlled at the beginning of the game.
Where: Little Haiti
Weapons: fist, Colt 45

3) Cuban gang

Boss: Umberto Robina
Car: Cuban Hermes
Description: This gang fights against the Haitian gang. You'll complete a few missions for them and after their completion the Haitian gang will start to hate you. You can also use their clothes (which, of course, provokes the Haitians).
Where: Little Havana
Weapons: fist, Colt 45

4) Diazo gang


Boss: Ricardo Diaz
Auto: None
: This is the gang who took over your job, and due to this you must look for the money. They guard Diaz’s villa to protect him. At the beginning, you'll work for their irritable boss but when you realize that he robbed you of millions, you'll kill him along with Lance. The gang then completely disappears and they won’t be anywhere.
Where: Starfish Island, Diaz's Mansion and then nowhere.
Weapons: Uzi, Colt 45

5) Vercetti´s gang


Director: Tommy Vercetti (your main character in the game)
Auto: None
Description: This is your gang that is located around your properties and villas. After finishing the game (100%), you will be able to hire three members as bodyguards.
Where: Vercetti mansion, Starfish Island, Viceport, Little Haiti, Little Havana, Prawn Island
Weapons: Uzi, Colt 45

6) Golfers

Gang boss: unknown
Car: Caddy
Description: You can find this “gang” in the afternoon at the Leaf Links where they play golf. They're not afraid of you, so watch out when you rob them.
Where: Leaf's Links
Weapons: fist, golf club

7) Security DBC

Boss: unknown
Car: Baggage Handler, Securicar
Description: Well, this is the opposite of a gang. They protect the citizens but cops hate them.
Where: Richer neighborhoods
Weapons: Colt 45

8) Cortez’s gang


Chief: Colonel Cortez
Car: Colonel's yacht
Description: The gang protects Cortez and they are also his ship’s crew. It's a pity that you'll only meet them in the mission "All Hands on Deck!".
Where: Colonel's yacht
Weapons: Colt 45, Ruger

9) Motorcyclists

Boss: Big Mitch Baker
Car: Angel
Description: These bikers ride motorcycles. They are rude and later your hero becomes a member of their gang. They like staying at the pub where you meet their boss to get some missions.
Where: Downtown
Weapons: Colt 45, fist




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