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Main Characters Michal Deus | translated by: Editor's Office | 03.05.2015

Just like in GTA 3, there will be some people, who will introduce you to the story.
1. Tommy Vercetti

Dubbing: Ray Liotta


The main character of the whole game. He was sent by Liberty City mafia to lead a drug shop. But it was stopped and now he must get back all the money that police seized. Mafia wants it too, so they will come for him as soon as possible.
2. Sonny Forelli

Dubbing: Tom Sizemore


The leader of the mafia, which is still annoying you and wants his money back. But then he will found waiting for his money too long, and with his gorillas he will come to kill you.
3. Lance Vance

Dubbing: Philip Michael Thomas


You’ll find him on the street and became his friend. With him, you’ll do lot of things, but eventually you’ll find out that he is a mafia member.

4. Ken Rosenberg

Dubbing: Willian Fichtner


He is your lawyer here in Vice City. He is a bit butterfingers, but eventually you’ll find him one of the few, which will be your friends ‘till the end.


5. Colonel Juan Cortez

Dubbing: Robert Davi


Colonel spends a lot of time in a harbor on his yacht. He’ll give you some contacts on some rich people in Vice City. Eventually, you’ll help him to float away.


6. Avery Carrington

Dubbing: Burt Reynolds


Avery is another businessman in Vice City. You’ll help him with his properties and begin a gang war.


7. Ricardo Diaz

Dubbing: Luis Guzman


One of the richest people in Vice City. You’ll work for him, but then you’ll capture his luxury residence and kill him with your friend Lance.


8. Paul Kent

Dubbing: Danny Dier


He is a great informer in Vice City. He spends most of time in Malibu Club.


9. Mercedes Cortez


Dubbing: Fairuza Dalk

A daughter of Colonel Cortez, which wants to sleep with you and if not with you, then with everybody she meets.

10. Love Fist


A rock band members Percy, Dock and Willy. They will want a help from you and then they will invite you to the concert.

11. Mitch Baker

Dubbing: Lee Majors

He is a biker, which you’ll work for. You’ll have to, because you promised to Love Fist, that they will have a bodyguard on their concert.

12. Cougar a Zepelin


The two best Mitch’s guys, which will race against you to test you.

13. Umberto Robina


Dubbing: Danny Trejo

14. Papa

Umberto’s father, which owns a café. All the Cuban events are ordered from here.

15. Rico


16. Pepe


An Umberto’s son and a good gangster. He will help you to destroy Haitian sites.

17. Gonzales

He is rich and kind of a servant of everybody here. But you’ll have to shred him with a chainsaw, because Cortez doesn’t like him.

18. Poulet


Dubbing: Youree Cleomily Harris

An interesting lady, which makes you every time the special tea, which makes you complete all her tasks. And she is a Haitian, so she doesn’t like Umberto too much.

19. BJ Smith

Dubbing: Lawrence Taylor

Not so important person, but later you’ll buy his Sunshine Autos showroom.

20. Steve Scott

Dubbing: Dennis Hopper

A director, which will help you in making porn movies.

21. Candy Suxxx


Dubbing: Jenna Jameson

A porn star, which will be playing in your movies.

22. Alex Shrub


He is a senator, which will make some troubles to your porn movie studio. But then you’ll make a photo of him at his home. Then he will cancel his complaints.

23. Donald Love


He is a rich person, which was only on a Cortez’ party and in GTA III.

24. Phill Cassidy
This guy fought in Vietnam and here he’ll help you with robbing the bank as a gunner. If you complete his missions, you’ll be able to buy special weapons.

25. Hillary

He’ll be your driver while robbing the bank. He’ll save your life, but then S.W.A.T. will kill him.

26. Cam Jones


He is a safe-breaker, the only one who can open the safe in the bank.




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