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Matrix M. Biarinec | translated by: Editor's Office | 03.05.2015

One our fan found the Matrix in Vice City (something like that, but not the same as in SA). Entrance is located in the Pole Position Strip club. You can get into the Matrix by using a bike. Drive it right into the doors and when you are close to doors, jump off the bike. It looks like your bike disappeared behind the doors. After that simply enter the club and you should be able to find your motorbike there once again. Drive it towards the Matrix doors (picture) and you are there.
In Matrix there are people and vehicles and you can even save your game there. It’s possible to do some mission but it‘s impossible to get it (from your boss) so it‘s not sure after all, whether you can or cannot. I don‘t even know who is the one giving you this job but according to the minimap it‘s probably one of the Vercetti’s missions.
I am not sure but it looks like its possible to get to the Matrix from every building you can enter. Still we don’t know much about it, so if someone researches something new, don’t be shy and post it please. Here are 2 more pictures Jaro sent to me.




screenshot of day

Screenshot dne
Flying bike - Filip Žazo


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