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Police Wanted Levels Michal Deus | translated by: adamiskos & Alix | 00.00.0000

Just like in GTA III, there are cops that will chase you after a crime. With a worse crimes, there come more cops. Here you will find all the wanted level informations.

1) One wanted star
When you have a single star, patrolmen will go after you when you come across them. But the police are disorganized and they won’t agree on how to catch you. You can evade them easily.

2) Two wanted star

While having two wanted stars, there isn’t much difference. There are just two men in a car chasing you.

3) Three wanted star


With three wanted stars there even more trouble because there is a police helicopter. Police officers make barriers and place spike strips to blow out your tires. Sometimes, detective and special cop cars appear.

4) Four wanted star


A level similar to the previous one, but this time there are S.W.A.T. units. They drive bigger trucks (Enforcer), and they use SMGs and bulletproof vests.

5) Five wanted star

There are FBI agents chasing you when you have five wanted stars. They have specially modified SMGs and they chase you with their cars on every step. It‘s very difficult to stop them, because they are trying to smash your car.

6) Six wanted star


The final level comes with army units. There are soldiers with M16s driving tanks and it’s really hard to get away.

So this was the preview of the guys who will punish you for your crimes. You can evade them easily by spraying your car in the Pay n‘ Sprays or by finding the police star symbol. All of these you can find on this map (click for large view).




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