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Review Štefan Šmihla | translated by: Akai & Alix | 11.08.2013



The main character, Tommy Vercetti, is part of the Liberty City mafia. He was in prison for 15 years for killing some gate crashers during his last mission. When he was released, he wasn’t welcomed with open arms. Sonny Forelli, head of the mafia, told him to make a little deal in Vice City. Tommy was told to keep the money from the deal to settle down. It hasn’t ended well – some thieves interrupted the deal. Everyone died aside from Tommy and his lawyer, Rosenberg. They decide to live in Vice City and Tommy wants to find the men who stopped the deal.

Vice City Itself

GTA: Vice City takes place in 1986, somewhere in Florida. The only important things there are money, money, and more money. Vice City is divided across two large islands connected by bridges. The bridges are closed at first, but they will be opened later in the game. Vice City is a very rich city: there are some high-class districts, such as Starfish Island with luxury villas and so on. But there are also some shantytowns, like Little Haiti (its residents practice black magic – Voodoo).

The Malibu Club is a typical luxury business in Vice City. The Vice Beach department store is also quite important. A number of businesses make up the porn industry in Vice City – such as the Pole Position Club, which is available for purchase. A porn studio with a producer, Steve Scott, is located on Prawn Island, which is known for its drug community. In the depths of sea, you can see a lot of sunken wrecks, floaters, fish, etc. The military base is important for eliminating all the possible threats to citizens’ saftey. In a nutshell, Vice City is an exciting city with a lot of interesting locations.


In Vice City, there are lots of things to do, for example: ambulance missions, taxi transportation, and pizza deliveries. A new feature is purchasing property. After buying each property, you’ll be able to access some minor missions. If you complete all of the missions at one property, it will make a profit for you daily. You can also travel by cars, bikes, boats, helicopters, and planes. You can even use remote vehicles to be used in missions and when carrying an explosive, among other things. You can buy weapons, paint your vehicle, and make bombs, if you’d like.


Vice City gangs

Vice City is full of gangs. You are also in a gang but that will happen later in the game. You can find a junkie gang on Prawn Island, the Haitian gang in Little Haiti, or the Cuban gang just next door. There is a  biker gang downtown. In wealthier areas, you can  find  DBC Security personnel protecting residents against local gangs. All of Vice City is protected by its police. If police aren’t enough to quell any violence, a SWAT team or the FBI is called in. If it’s really bad, the Vice City army will chase you.




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