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Stadium Missions Michal Deus | translated by: Ricky & Alix | 11.08.2013

Stadium missions are another necessity. The stadium is downtown; it is almost a peninsula by itself. It opens daily at 20:00 and closes at 24:00. There are three races you have to complete.

1) Dirt Ring

You will have a Sanchez bike and you have to get through all the checkpoints that are in the stadium. Watch out though; don’t blow up your bike.

2) Hot ring

This is a race for fast cars. It has 12 laps and the other drivers will try to destroy your car.  You can repair your car at the pit stop, but it will take some time. Quite an adrenaline rush!

3) Blood ring

The last race is race to the death. You have to collect checkpoints worth two minutes each.  Other racers will try to get in the wayand crash in to you. But don’t worry; you can destroy their cars too!




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