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Vice City Town Areas Michal Deus | translated by: Řehik & Alix | 26.05.2013

Below is a description of all districts that are in Vice City.

And now, finally the description of the areas.


1. Ocean beach


The southeast part of the city, where you can find your standard apartments.
Moreover,  there is a beach and some other spots, like Ammunation and houses for sale.


2. Washington beach 

The second part of the beach, on the east side of the city.How beatiful! By day, people are sunbathing and at night, homeless abound. Along the main road there are many luxury hotels. Of course, you will want to live in one of them.

3. Vice point 

The last, and the largest, part of the right island. There is a shopping center, pizzeria, apartment buildings and some better prefabs, gangs and other “nice” things. And the beach, of course.

4. Prawn island

One of the smaller islands, which has the movie studio, street gang territory, and some abandoned houses.

5. Leaf links

Leaf Links, a golf club, is in the middle of Vice City. You can play golf here too, but only without a ball.You can just run around with golf club in your hands. In front of the property is a suit store and the club owner’s luxury car.

6. Starfish island

An island in the middle of the city, where all of the richest people in Vice City live. Of course you will get live there too.

7. Vice port


Harbor in the southwest. All supplies of the food,weapons,ammunition,cocaine and every other thing is shipped here. Only people there are workers and hookers.

8. Escobar international airport

An airport.You can obviously find airplanes and helicopters here.There isn't anything interesting inside the building, but definitely walk through.The airport is a military base too. But it is well-guarded.

9. Little havana

Cubans and their gang’s teritorry. Otherwise it's a quiet part of the city, where there is a cafe and a hardware store.

10. Little haiti

Haitians district. It's such a waste of the city. Broken and rotten shacks. Haitian gang teritorry and all possible garbage.

11. City scrap

City dump. Besides the trash, there is a trashtruck and a few useful things, but not much.

12. Downtown

Rich district, where the regular people are. This is where everyday life happens. Just for relaxing in Vice City.




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