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ALIEN INVASION: REVELATIONS - GTA SA Movie Honza Svatoš | 28.12.2022 17:06

Hi, my name is Lucas, on YouTube I am known as "TheJizzy". My friend "The Joe" and I have known each other for many years and we are amateur filmmakers.
We decided to work together on our big and possibly last project from the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas environment. It is a Machinima film called Alien Invasion: Revelations, which is a kind of sequel of the film I made in 2013. You can also watch the previous film from 2013 directly on YouTube:

And what is the premise of this movie?
"Area 51, the most guarded and mysterious place in SA, sends a search convoy for a stolen secret object that is not from our world. Fate of our future is in hands of infamous scientist so called Troy Davis."

Grab a popcorn and enjoy the movie with English voice cast and subtitles! :)



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