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100% Finished Game Editor's Office | translated by: Kajlin & Alix | 29.07.2007

When you want to finish the entire GTA: SA, it isn’t enough to have finished only story missions. There is much more to be done in the game…

A) What must be done?

1. Story missions

This doesn’t need a commentary. Details are in the walkthrough.
2. Other missions (assets)
Expect in the main (story) quest that there are other missions, or so-called “assets”.
- Train mission
- Challenge mission
- Gyms
- Quarry
- RS Haul
- Illegal races
- Schools
- Sniper ranges
- Stadiums
- Delivering
- Valet Parking
- Wang Cars
- Zero Shop
- Wanted Cars
3. Spraying of 100 tags in Los Santos
You have to spray over about 100 tags of enemy gangs in your home town,
The interactive (clickable) map.
4. Picking up 50 horseshoes in Las Venturas
Your task is to pick up 50 free laying horseshoes in Las Venturas. The interactive (clickable) map.
5. Picking of 50 shells under the water
To complete this task you’ll have to dive and pick up shells. The interactive (clickable) map.
6. Taking photos of 50 places in San Fierro
It’s not as easy task as it seems – you have to find out the right place and take its photo. The interactive (clickable) map.
7. Buying of all real estates
There are about 40 building for sale. Your task? To buy them, of course. The interactive (clickable) map.
B) What things don't have to be finished
Some things don't have to be done. So what can you skip? - Your gang must take control of all of Los Santos
- CJ's properties don't have to be at maximum level
- Unique jumps
- Relationship with your girlfriends at maximum level (100%)
- Winning first place in car competitions
- Two hidden missions, called "Beat the Cock"
C) What will you get by finishing?
Expect feeling of joy and a magic number 100% in statistics with these advantages:
- unlimited ammo
- CJ's properties improved
- double the resistance to car damage
- 1 000 000 USD
- tank Rhino in front of your home
- there is a Hydra (air-fighter) on the roof of Sweet’s house.




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