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Assets - Delivering Michal Deus | translated by: Kajlin & Alix | 29.07.2007

A) Burger Shot (Las Venturas, Redsand East - the symbol of the hamburger)

Aim: to complete 4 levels

The aim of this mission is to deliver packets in the time limit. You will be using a Faggio motorbike. This is similar to delivering pizza in Vice City, but now you must go into a black circle. 

Reward: Completing Burger Shot (percents to total game completing)

B) Hippy Shopper (San Fierro, Queens)

Aim: to manage 4 levels

Again a delivery mission, but now on a motorbike Freeway.

Reward: Finishing Hippy Shopper (percents to total game completing)

C) Roboi's food markt (Los Santos, Commerce)

Aim: to complete 4 levels

Another boring delivery mission, but now on a bicycle.

Reward: Completing Roboi's food (percents to total game finishing)  



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