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Assets - Quarry Michal Deus | translated by: Kajlin & Alix | 04.08.2007

You can get these missions once you finish mission with the stone quarry (explosion) for Woozzi. A symbol of a bulldozer will show on the map not far from Las Venturas.


1st mission

Aim: remove all stones until the load comes in

A very easy mission, just get in the bulldozer and move all the stones out of the way. You have three minutes.

Odměna: 500 USD

2nd mission

Aim: transport all barrels to the red circle

Another of missions with a bulldozer, you must find a barrel and take it into a red circle. The limit is again three minutes.

Reward: 1 000 USD

3rd mission 


Aim: destroy a stolen load truck

Get in a prepared Dumper and go to the second one that passes on the road. You can crash into it and destroy it this way, but it is better to shoot at it by an automatic gun from your car. You have 9 minutes for this mission.

Reward: 1 500 USD

4th mission


Aim: get rid of the bodies

Some cops went for a walk to the quarry, but they somehow died. Get on your motorbike and go to the second quarry entrance. Get into your car and go to the main gate. Go carefully down and throw the bodies out of the truck bed into the quarry. Remember, you can’t have any crashes or the bodies fall out! You have three minutes.


Reward: 3 000 USD


5th mission

Aim: transport barrels into the desert

In this next mission, pay attention because you can’t have a crash. Your car is crowded by explosive substances and you have only three minutes to transport it into the desert. Go by shortcut by a road border to your airport. Here, put down the barrels and get away from there!

Reward: 5 000 USD

6th mission

Aim: remove barrels from the railway track before the train arrives.

Hurry into your bulldozer and go as fast as possible to the railway track. You don’t have a lot of time (3 minutes) and the way takes a while. Remove the barrels from the track and don’t forget to run away. When the train passes, you win.

Reward: 7 500 USD

7. mise

Aim: remove bodies of policeman

Get on your motorbike as fast as you can and get down to where you get into the bulldozer. A motorbike and cop’s body move into the red circle. Then get on your motorbike and go up to the crane. You have to switch the magnet on, pick up the body and motorbike, and load them into the truck. When you manage it, go carefully to the gate. Then get over the worst part – a motorway and back to the river. Throw the body and the motorbike into water.

Reward: 10 000 USD, the quarry will earn 2000 USD, Dumper and bulldozer will be available for you in the quarry.





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