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Assets - RS Haul Michal Deus | translated by: Kajlin & Alix | 05.08.2007

Now you play a truck driver, who crosses the road and takes his load as fast and, if possible, as undamaged as he can. You’ll get this mission not long after Los Santos after completing the  quest for Catalina (Tanker Commander) and it is marked on the map by a goods vehicles.
1st mission

Aim: to take a load to Dillimore

You’ll have to transport the load in a time limit. This time it is to little Dillimore village. As you run out of time, you start to lose money, and when you are on the zero, you lose.

1 000 USD

2nd mission

Aim: to take a load without damage to Montgomery

Next aim is at Montgomery village. You aren’t under time pressure, so enjoy it while you can, but don’t forget to drive carefully. When you crash, the reward starts to go down.

Reward: 1 500 USD

3rd mission

Aim: to transport a load to Los Santos and not be caught by police

The setting of the mission is that your load is illegal and you attract the police. You have to get to the Los Santos Quarter Oceans Docks. After the start three stars show. I recommend going to the motorway, through two tunnels to the docks. Sometimes the game won’t let you go through the tunnels, so then you have to go by a different way.

2 000 USD

4th mission

Aim: to transport a load

I don’t know the exact position that you have to go because it keeps changing. The only thing I can tell you is that you have to get to the north of San Andreas and transport the load in five minutes to the place, whenever it is.

3 000 USD

5th mission

Aim: to transport an undamaged load

The aim is now the San Fierro part of Easter Basin. You don’t want to damage the load but you can take as long as you want.

Reward: 4 000 USD

6th mission

Aim: to transport a load and not be caught by police

An old known adrenalin mission, police will show up immediately again after a getaway and, even worse, three are there to start. The best way is to go to the right and get in to a tunnel that leads through a hill. You’ll get to a road that leads to the San Fierro airport. The aim is to get again back to Easter Basin.

Reward: 5 000 USD

7th mission

Aim: to transport an undamaged load

The aim is the Fierro Robada desert this time. The place is unknown and you don’t want to damage the car.

Reward: 7 000 USD

8th mission

Cíl: dovez náklad a nenech se chytit

Aim: to transport a load and not be caught  

The last truck mission is, of course, the most difficult. The load has to be transported to Las Venturas - either to the airport or to the military space. Four stars are waiting for you and in addition lots of unfriendly policemen. The most difficult part is getting to the North, to the highway, and drive it to Las Venturas.

Reward: 10 000 USD



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