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Assets - Schools Michal Deus | translated by: Kajlin & Alix | 05.08.2007

A) Driving school (San Fierro)


1. 360
A 360° in place

2. 180
A turn around a cone and drive back

3. Whip & Terminate

Turn about 90° and drive to the finish.

4. Pop & Control
Punch a tire and drive to the target.

5. Burn & Lap
Manage five laps in 40 seconds

6. Cone Coil
Get through cones, turn back and get back to the start.

7. '90'
Go between cars by turning 90°

8. Wheelie Weave
Drive on two wheels

9. Spin & Go
Turn fast by the reserve gear and drive to the goal.

10. P.I.T. Maneuver
Crash into a car and turn it about 180°

11. Alley Oop
Make a turn in air and land on all 4 wheels.

12. City Slicking
Drive through the town in time.

B) Morotibike school (Las Venturas)



1. 360
Turn on your bike in place about 360°

2. 180
Drive to the end of the race, turn about 180° and get back.

3. Wheelie
The drive on the back wheel.

4. Jump & Stop
Jump and get into marked area.

5. Stoppie
The drive on the front wheel.

6. Jump & Stoppie
Over the jumping “level” and the drive on the front wheel.

C) Naval school (SZ end of map) 

Reward: You’ll get Squallo 3 and Jetmax if you get all gold medals at this school.



1. Basic Seamanship

Sail by buoy


2. Plot a Course
Sail by buoy

3. Fresh Slalom
Sail by buoy

4. Flying Fish
Speed up and jump at least 50 feet

5. Land, Sea, and Air
Sail on the buoy

D) Flying school (Abandoned AC Tower - The Desert)


Reward: Military helicopter Hunter will be available at your airport for all golden medals from the flying school.


1. Takeoff
Take off.

2. Land Plane

3. Circle Airstrip
Fly through checkpoints.

4. Circle Airstrip and Land
Fly through checkpoints and land

5. Helicopter Takeoff
Take off with your helicopter

6. Land Helicopter
Land with your helicopter

7. Destroy Targets
Destroy targets and land.

8. Loop-the-Loop
Turn upside-down.

9. Barrel Roll
Turn from left to right.

10. Parachute onto Target
Jump by parachute onto marked area.




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