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Assets - Stadiums Michal Deus | translated by: Kajlin & Alix | 05.08.2007

A) 8-Track

Aim: to win!

This mission can be found on the East Beach in Los Santos, but your driving skills must be at least 25%. The race is quite difficult, because your enemy can damage your car and the road is quite slippery. You have twelve competitors and twelve rounds, so don’t rush needlessly ahead but wait for the right time

Reward: 10 000 USD, Flag Monster Truck and Hotring Racer in front of the stadium.

B) Blood Bowl

Aim: to hold for 1 minute

There’s another stadium in San Fierro. You have to collect all the checkpoints in one minute and you can even shoot at cars. But your enemy can pick up your checkpoints and he can also shoot from his car. But there are lots possibilities to fix your car on the road (the symbol is a key)

Reward: 10 000 USD, Bloodring Banger before the stadium

C) Dirt Track

Aim: to win

You have to win this race in Las Venturas, Blackfield area every Monday and Wednesday. You have to use the Sanchez wreck.

Reward: 25 000 USD, BF Injection before the stadium on Monday and Wednesday

D) Kickstart

The last stadium mission (the second stadium in Las Venturas – every day except Monday and Wednesday). You have to get at least 25 points. You have a Sanchez and beat different hurdles, where the points are hidden. They have different values. The red one – 3 points, yellow – 2 points and green – 1 point.

Reward: 15 000 USD, Dune in front of the stadium every day except Monday and Wednesday




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