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Locations - San Fierro Michal Deus | translated by: Kajlin & Colxfile | 28.12.2007

San Fierro is in fact a substitute for San Francisco. Its hilly terrain is also here, so don’t be surprised that you only go uphill. The Chinese gang (The Triads) has taken control of all businesses and fights with the other gangs.  


1. Foster Valley



The Southernmost part of San Fierro. There are waterworks with several water barrels and a sports stadium.


2. Missionary Hill



This is the highest point in San Fierro. There is a transmitting mast and some cars.


3. Easter Bay Airport



The airport of San Fierro shouldn’t be overlooked. There can be found lots of vehicles, which will be useful during your traveling.


4. Avispa Country Club



A golf club in the South of town. There are also courts, so it’s pity not to go there.


5. Doherty



This is a poorer quarter, but there is a building site and your garage. And of course adjoining buildings are here for you to look around.


6. Garcia



 This is a Hispanic town where you can find Zero’s shop and the Misty bar. Otherwise, it’s a common-or-garden residential zone with basketball grounds.


7. Hasbury



A common quarter for hippies. Locals confirm this meaning fancy, just look at them. But the decoration of streets is very nice.


8. Ocean Flats



There are houses belonging to more wealthy folk, so there’s a better choice of cars on offer.


9. Easter Basin



The port belongs to a Vietnamese gang, but you can still look there. One of the missions takes place here (NRG Challenge) and the ships loading and unloading can be investigated.


10. Queens



Next of common quarters, where there’s a dancing club and other interests.


11. Cranberry Station



The train station is near your garage. Unsurprisingly, you can find lots of people and trains there.


12. City Hall



The city hall is in the West of town. There is nothing except this building.


13. King's



If there’s a city quarter called Queen’s, why not have another quarter called King’s? It is similar but a little bit higher placed and in addition here you have your own hotel.


14. Downtown



An inhabited area where are lots of panel houses with shops and a fast foods places. There’s also a police station.


15. Palisades



There are several houses, a nice park and the beach, just the paradise on earth.


16. Santa Flora



An inhabited area where the biggest hospital in all San Andreas is, and also hundreds of houses.


17. Chinatown



Let me introduce you the Chinese town, where a gang Triads could be found. It’s a very beautiful place, but with little space.

18. Juniper Hill



The location placed on the hill Juniper. There is, once again, a residential zone as well as a supermarket too.


19. Calton Heights



Houses for the wealthier people are on the hill. There is only one private road leading through this part of the town.


20. Financial



 This part is given over to business: there is a stock exchange to be found here as well as other shops or hotels. All financial commerce in the city streams through this place.


21. Garver Bridge



The bridge connecting the desert with San Fierro.


22. Kincaid Bridge



The iron bridge which runs parallel Garver bridge.


23. Paradiso



The rich part of town by the sea. There, you can find there villas and houses of the richer people in San Fierro.


24. Esplanade East



The port area, which is in the east. There are a few houses and some shops.


25. Juniper Hollow



Another area in hills, this time it’s where your girlfriend Katie lives. There is a restaurant and other interesting stuff.


26. Battery Point



The Northernmost part of town belongs to strip joints. Anything more?


27. Esplanade north



The Northern port part where there is again a few houses, a motorway and the water.


28. Gant Bridge



The bridge which goes from San Fierro to Bayside.


29. Easter Bay Chemical



The chemical factory near San Fierro. Toxic materials are hidden here and burned, of course this is illegal.


30. Easter Tunnel



The tunnel which connects San Fierro with a piece of the countryside, otherwise nothing special.


31. San Fierro Bay



The tank between the town and the desert.


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