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Meal AnhHai | translated by: Kajlin & Alix | 02.11.2006

A) About meal

You could eat and increase your health in pizzerias in Vice City, but it was more fun than anything. But it's a life-and-death question in San Andreas. Bonuses in the form of red hearts, that increase your health, are hardly found in the street. So for increasing your health, you have to go to fast food or other stands. Our hero has to, compared to Tommy, eat a lot, or his health will start to fail. But on the other hand, he'd better not to eat too much

B) Fats vs. healthy food

After finishing food, fat starts to accumulate in CJ's body and he starts get fatter. Therefore, exercising is a must. You can go to a gym or go jogging. You just grab a dumbbell in the gym and, after a while, fat starts to change into muscle.

Fat can work miracles with CJ's body. And it can also affect his success with girlfriends, popularity with other people, and also the accessibility to some of the missions. When you want to get rid of fat, you can fast for 48 hours of playing time (and don't save the game). That's a good way to get rid of unnecessary fat and muscles. But when the level of fat reaches zero and you're still fasting, your health starts getting lower and that becomes dangerous.

C) Restaurants

Health is increased in fast food places. 3 kinds of junk food can be found- Cluckin Bell, Burger Shot and Well Stacked Pizza.  Each restaurant has a different offer of food. But the amount of fat and health that you get from eating, depends on the amount of food; small helpings gives you: 1% of fat, medium: 2%, and large: 3%. Salads don't give you any fat.

1. Cluckin Bell


Meal                        Price      Fats+

Cluckin' Little Meal     2 $         1%

Cluckin' Big Meal       5 $         2%

Cluckin' Huge Meal   10 $        3%

Salad meal               10 $        0%
2. Burger Shot


Meal                        Price      Fats+

Moo Kid's Meal          2 $        1%

Beef Tower             6 $        2%

Meat Stack             12 $        3%

Salad meal               6 $         0%
3. Well Stacked Pizza


Meal                        Price      Fats+

Buster                       2 $        1%

Double D-Luxe           5 $        2%

Full Rack                 10 $        3%

Salad meal               5 $         0%

D) The other ways of food

Other than eating in a restaurant, you can get other kinds of food.

1. Soda Machines


You can buy a bottle of Sprunk (Sprite) or Soda for one dollar. It gives you 20% health. Machines are everywhere - in shops, supermarkets, and in the station (like this one in the picture).
2. Hot dogs

When you are injured, you can go to this stand and buy a Hot Dog.

3. Noodles



If you don't like hotdogs, you can buy Chinese noodles at this stand.


4. Snack Bar

Like the drink machines, you can increase your health. For 1 dollar it is possible to get 20% of health. You can find it them on all the streets or in each village.

5. The other stands




The other places where you can increase your health are stands with ice-cream and Hot Dogs.




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