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Where to Go with Chicks? Michal Deus & Marek Durec | translated by: Kajlin & Alix | 02.11.2006

This is a description of all places you can go with your girlfriends and places they like.  


A) Bars 
Bars are the first option for a place to go. There you can sit and have something to drink indoors. But when you are alone, you can play billiards or use automats.


1. Ten green bottles




Location: Los Santos  - Ganton
Description: The bar is near your home, so it’s easy to stop by. You can play billiards or just look around.
Denise likes this bar, which is just a hop from her home, a lot. She is always happy and satisfied here.

2. Lil's probe in



Location: Lil's Probe In – north of Fort Carson village in the desert
Description: Other than playing billiards, you can also see lots of pictures of the UFO and a map that shows its location. The map is at the back in a stack on the radio.
Girlfriends: There’s no point in taking your girls here, as it’s too far. But if  you take Barbara in, she’ll like it.

3. Misty's



Location: San Fierro - Doherty
Description: A classic bar, how it should be, with billiards and automats.
Girlfriends: Go here with Michelle, as she likes this bar. Kate likes it too, but for her it’s quite far.

4. The Craw Bar



Location: Las Venturas - Old Venturas Strip
Description: The only bar in Las Venturas which is quite tidy. Otherwise it’s normal.
Girlfriends: You can go there with Millie who likes it here. But there’s no point in taking the others there since it’s too far!

5. Blueberry 



Location: Blueberry
Description: This is the only bar where can only go in if you have a girlfriend with you. But there’s no point in, as it’s too far.
Girlfriends: You’d better not to go there; your spoiled girlfriends dislike this “bar.”


B) Restaurants


You can go to restaurants only if you are with your girl! There are only tables and CJ sits with his girl :-)

1. Steakhouse




Location: Las Venturas - Redsands West
Description: Just another place where to buy a steak. Nothing extra. 
Girlfriends: The only one who wants to go there is Millie. But she likes it here!

2. Vice



Location: Old Venturas Strip
Description: Another restaurant, but in the style of Mexico.
Girlfriens: The only one who wants to go there is Millie. But she likes it there!

3. The Smokin Beep Grill


Location: Las Barrancas
Description: Another grill, where you can eat the biggest steaks in San Andreas!!
Girlfriens: Although Barbara wants to go there, she dislikes it.

4. Rodeo


Location: Los Santos - Rodeo
Description: The only restaurant in Los Santos made in the interesting style. The exterior is also interesting.  
Girlfriends: Denise doesn’t like this restaurant.

                      Helene and Barbara like it.

5. Downtown Restaurant


Location: San Fierro - Downtown
Description: An usual restaurant near Zombotech, so make sure you don’t eat mutated meal :-)
Girlfriends: Katie and Michelle don’t like this place!

6. Hasbury Restaurant



Location: San Fierro - Hashbury
Description: A very elegant and beautiful restaurant, it’s pleasure to go there. Unfortunately your girlfriends think something different.
Girlfriends: Katie and Michelle don’t like it!

C) Dinner

Diners are like restaurants, but you eat different kinds of food.

1. Esplanade bar


Location: San Fierro - Esplanade North
Description: Port restaurant with lovely scenery.   I’d go there for real!                                      

Girlfriends: Katie likes it!

                     Michelle doesn’t like it!

2. Dinner Restaurant Juniper



Location: San Fierro - Juniper Hollow
Description: The restaurant is placed quite interestedly - it’s almost under the bridge. But it doesn’t mean it’s a gutbucket, they can cook well!
Girlfriends: Katie likes it!

                     Michelle doesn’t like it there!

3. Dinner Robada



Location: Tierra Robada (u dálnice)
Description: Very modest restaurant by highway from Bayside to Las Ventruras.
Girlfriends: Barbara likes this restaurant!
                      Helene doesn’t like it (but who cares ;o))

4. San Pleso St. Restaurant



Location: Las Venturas - Pilson Interseciton
Description: It’s quite poor and cheap restaurant, good enough for workers, who work there.
Girlfriends: Millie really doesn’t like it here!

5. Steakrestaurant Bull



Location: Las Venturas - The Starfish Casino
Description: The restaurant in the style of Spanish toreadors. They cook only steaks.
Girlfriends: Millie doesn’t like it there!

6. The Welcome Pump



Location: Dillimore
Description: The restaurant is part of the petrol station in Dillimore; it looks like!
Girlfriends: Barbara likes it there! (but honestly who’d go there?)
                      Helen doesn’t like it there!

7. Fort Carson Dinner restaurant



Location: Fort Carson
Description: The only restaurant in all town is conditionaly well furnished for local citizens.
Girlfriends: Barbara likes this place!
                      Helen doesn’t like it there!

8. Santa Beach Dinner



Location: Los Santos - Santa Maria Beach
Description: A very beautiful restaurant on the beach with a sea view. I would like going there anytime in real life!
Girlfriends: Denise likes it there!

9. East Beach Dinner



Location: Los Santos - East Beach
Description: There is a restaurant in the main street. So you should take your piggy bank.
Girlfriends: Denise likes it there!

D) Dance clubs




Clubs are almost your last date location possibility. If your girlfriend wants to go there, she’ll tell you. The date will be successful, when you get at least 3 000 points in dancing. All you have to do is click on the correct arrows in time with the rhythm. And you must be better than your girlfriend!

1. Alhambra




Location: Los Santos - Idlewood
Description: An interesting club, that’s near your home in Los Santos. There is an automat for drinks indoors.

2. Gayiar Statios



Location: San Fierro - Queens
Description: This one is in San Fierro. It’s hidden quite well, but you’re going to find it at some point.

3. Las Venturas Dancing



Location: Las Venturas - Teh Caml's Toe
Description: And the last club is in Las Ventures

E) Fast Food



Going to fast food with your girls is a waste of time, because they don’t like them. But for your main character, it’s very important, therefore read this information about food!!

And finally here is the map with aforesaid locations and girls – click to enlarge.





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